Thursday, September 01, 2005

Well, That Was Exhausting

That makeover, I mean. It was touch and go there for a while.

I'm trying to pare down my life to the bare essentials, so those freakin' polka dots just had to go. So, poof. Dots be gone!

Now, in running news: Ran with a friend this morning, 6:30 a.m., the first time I have ever let anyone, other than the schleps (no offense, I'm a schlep too) in my pace group, run with me.

She insisted that she would go as slow as I needed. I told her I was embarassed, but after enough cajoling, I said ok. (Look, I have people begging to run with me!) So I told her let's just do three miles, cuz I know I can do three, standing on my head, cuz I do four every single week. Sometimes even in the rain. All the time in the humidity.

We ran the first three sort of fast for me (10:30ish) (slow for her) and then I said, "oh, let's just do four," which was what I was supposed to do anyway, because, you know, that's what's on the Schedule. FastRunner Friend told me all about her son's recent evacuation from Tulane (New Orleans) where he was just starting his first semester (he's home safe and sound). So that should have got my mind off myself.

Well, you would think anyway.

But no. The minute we reached three miles, for no real good reason, I had to walk. (Did I really have to walk?? Dunno. I sure thought so at the time.) So we walked and ran for the last mile, and FastRunner Friend was totally nice and understanding and even said it would serve as her day's workout.

Running is so mental!! And it makes me so mental!! that I psyched myself all the way into NOT being able to do a measly four miles.


Yeah, but then I came home and changed my blog background.

And it's not everyone who can do that.

So I guess I still rock.


21st Century Mom said...

I do that walk thing, too. I'm sure I don't really need to stop and walk and in my head I yell at myself, "JUST KEEP RUNNING DO NOT WALK" and then I just start walking.

So who cares? Ultimately we get where we're going so anyone who has an issue with that can just BUGGER OFF!

21st Century Mom said...

ps - I love the new, sleeker you (the clean blog, that is).

Susan said...

Running *is* mental...and I've been there too, especially when I am running with someone I think is better, faster, you name it. Plus, if you ran faster than usual, you were tired. Let it go. Focus on the next time:)

Flatman said...

You just have to train yourself to fight through that urge...!

jeanne said...

Flatman...easier said than done! I think I need to just SLOOOOOW down so that i can actually finish.

Stephanie said...

You were running at a very quick pace though (Ok, quick for us!) And that makes a difference. Don't be too hard on yourself.