Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm Not Dying

Saw the sports doc this morning (thanks 21st century mom for kick in pants to do this). He took x-rays.

First, the good news:

Doc (After x-ray and exam): "You have the knees of an 18-year-old!" (Direct quote, please don't tell me he probably says that to all 48-year-olds; let me revel.)
Me: "Oh, I wish you were my boob doctor!" (No, didn't say that, really. Thought it, though!)
Doc: "No arthritic changes at all." (He starts sketching a picture of the knee bone connected to ... etc. They love drawing these things.)
Doc: "I think it's likely a meniscus tear. It won't heal, and it may not ever get worse. It's really a quality of life thing (me: ut-oh, I've heard these words before). If it gets to the point where you can't walk, we can discuss surgery."
Doc: "Would you like some Ultracet with that?"
Me: "Um, no, it's not really hurting, it just collapses at odd times. Anyway, I tried Ultracet once before and it felt like heroin, in a bad way." (Note: Worst drug experience of my life. Prescribed for back pain. Getting off of it was as bad as being on it. This drug is for Big, Huge, Pain problems. Just FYI.)
Me: (Hmmm, I just heard him asking patient across hall if he would like some Ultracet. Is there an Ultracet salesman on the premises?)
Me: "Can I run?" Whip out The Schedule and show him. He is duly impressed.
Doc: "Sure!"
Me: "Alrighty then."

Second: there isn't any bad news. (Ha ha!)

The appointment lasted approximately five minutes. I really should have clocked it. I showed him my old orthotics, my new orthotics. Described what happened and when. He had me jump up and down on one foot and crouch down and get up. He took an X-ray (which of course would never show any muscle or cartilege tears) which was a-ok. In fact, did I mention that I apparently have the knees of an 18-year-old? Which makes sense, because they go along with my perfect feet.

So no 37-week course of physical therapy, thank God, and I fended off unwanted drugs, and after work tonight went right out and ran three miles, hard, because I like to gamble. (And he didn't say not to.)

Time: 31:50 (previous best: 31.49)

Average: 10:36/mile


So thanks for all your well wishes. ( I'm not even going to tell you about the entire TIN of ginger cookies I ate Saturday night, in a fit of pique, and besides, ginger is good for your digestion.)

If I'm ever in the hospital, I want you there with me.



Stephanie said...

WHEEE! (For the tin of cookies, not for the appointment.) HORRAH! (That's for the appointment.)

Danny said...

Seems like a strange diagnosis to me. The symptoms of a meniscal tear are pain and swelling. Your knee giving out is usually the result of an ACL tear. (Take a look at the page you linked. Then click on "anterior cruciate ligament".)

(I just went back and reviewed all your entries. It's unclear to me whether your knee is giving out, or your calf hurts you, and your leg gives out. Also, does your knee hurt at all?)

In any case, if you're able to run now, without any pain, and your knee feels stable, then that's all that counts. But if it does become a problem - and I'm hoping it never does - than you may want to question the diagnosis.

As to your comment on my blog - I'll respond over there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad you're able to run, although a torn meniscus does not sound so fun :-O I hope you're feeling okay :-)

c said...

Don't give up on the Chi Running! I know it's a bit of a cram to get all that mojo working all at once, but you're a female - you can work on multiple streams of information simultaneously!

jeanne said...

Danny: I agree, it is a strange diagnosis. The pain started in my calf (or I thought so anyway); then localized behind my knee (back of leg--which isprobably where it always was); and the symptoms are pain there, plus leg giving out a few times. I ran last night ok, iced last night, and this morning it hurts again, knee feels a bit wobbly, but not like I think I'm gonna collapse, but since the doctor said resume training, I guess that's what i'll do.

and c: True, (about females). Reading entire book might also help.

(ACL damage inspires much fear in me!!)

a.maria said...

i am so giving you air high-fives right now!!!!! so glad to hear you can get back to running!!!! and hello, you smoked those 3 miles, way to go!!

and... welcome back!! ;)

Running Chick said...

Hooray for no bad news (sneaky, you)!

I'd like to think that the the x-ray helped shed some insight to the diagnosis...but just in case, you know the drill...keep icing, stretching and massaging!

Sarah said...

Glad to hear that you can *still* train! Yay for you!!

Kiran said...

Great run but I have to agree with Danny. Nothing like an online med consult :)

Anonymous said...

Hi mom and to everyone wondering about crew I shall tell you my wonderful story...sidenote: I got a bid for Pi Beta Phi tonight!! mom probably hates the fact that I am gonna be in a sorority now, but I am excited! Anyways, so I am still in crew now, and deciding hardcore if I want to keep it for now I am going to do the fall and hopefully get some guts and tell my coach no more after that! Kinda scary, I will update later with my momma and tell people a little more later! GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYONE'S RUN!

jeanne said...

You are crazy!! I'm very proud of you for getting a nod (get it??) to join PBP!! I do NOT hate the fact that you will be in a sorority. How could they not invite you? You will rock their world, l'il noddy.
love mom

Simba's Mom said...

Glad to hear you can resume running! Good luck!

Derek said...

i had surgery for a medial meniscus tear in 2002. It was not exactly fun -- i was holed up in my apartment for a few days -- but I was back to running in a month, and have since run two marathons.

David said...

Super news on the 18 year old knees. My doc told me I have knees strong enough to carry 250 pounds. I still have a hundred to go.
Your doc visit story left me nervous that he doesn't see runners often enough. I hope evrything works out. Just don't go too crazy too fast. Slowly, slowly slowly crank it up.

21st Century Mom said...

Blogger ate my comment! Wah!

Anyhow - I am so happy you can run again and I'm happy that you got out of running 23 miles because I think 2 marathons is quite enough and way to go!

To NOD I said that when it comes time to talk to your coach you need to remember that s/he does not have to live your life - you do. You can alter your life unapologetically - it's all about you, baby! And good job on the sorority thing if it means you get to live in a cool house and have a bunch of great friends.

jeanne said...

David: I hope that means you'd have to gain 100 pounds to reach 250, and not lose it. tee hee. Doctor I saw works at a major sports clinic here--but I agree with you. He didn't inspire much confidence in me. #@^#@!!! doctors (no offense to all you doctors.)

TFCM: Thanks, me happy too! And thanks for giving NOD advice, it's just what she needs to hear.

brent said...

NOD sounds hot, can i meet her? ha ha, just kidding! kind of. hehe. thats awesome that you can still train, wooohoo!!!!

jeanne said...

Brent: ha ha. Get a grip, fella! (Just kidding! kind of...:) )

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