Thursday, September 22, 2005

First Things First

Left: Yours truly and James Carville reminisce about old times at the Gulf Coast Relief 5K. (I'm much skinnier in real life.)

Here is a link to a snapfish album of the day, so you can get see the all the thrills, chills, and spills of the whole D.C. RBF gang meet up (so far, that would be me and Naomi, although there is talk of a surprise third making a Veteran's Day run with us. If I still have a leg by then. ha). I think you have to create an account to see this album, but it's free. You don't want to miss these exclusive photos!

The update: Stephanie is running forward with courage on Saturday!! Whoo hooo! Very exciting and all good wishes pouring her way.

My "running" update: I haven't been. Not since my aborted attempt on Monday. It's amazing how precious the ability to run becomes when you can't. But when you can, it can be such a burden. In fact, I vaguely recall hating running. Such is life, I guess. But good news: I'm getting better on the elliptical! Tuesday: 45 minutes got me 2.54 miles; Thursday, 45 minutes got me 2.90 miles! Maybe if I keep going eventually I will get someplace. My leg felt a bit better after today's session, but I am still limping and I still have pain when that leg bears weight, which somehow I don't think is a good sign.

TMMI (Too much medical information, but here it is:) I saw the podiatrist yesterday and he said: New orthotics and new shoes definitely did not cause this. Then, because it was 8 a.m. and I guess he likes to get a head start on making people cry, he said "This sounds like a meniscus tear. That's a career-ender." To which, to my credit, I said, "Hey!! Please don't say that" you horse's ass, like you know, because you don't, and great going bucking me up. Minus that last part. I did say "I really wish you hadn't said that." Probably several times. And then I said, "The orthopedist actually does not know yet what it is yet, and i'm having an MRI on Thursday" you stupid goon. And this guy has been a runner for 30 years! OK, even I know that if it is a meniscus tear, it might mean surgery, probably orthoscopic (probably invented after he went to medical school), and recovery, but it doesn't have to be the "end" of my budding running career. Nice job stamping all over my fragile self, buster.

I had actually typed out all my runs and dates and symptoms and put stars next to when I got new shoes, new inserts and new pain and then I reviewed it with him, which is very unlike me, because I am usually a wimp around doctors. Apparently, I am highly motivated. He was impressed. Hey, *I* was impressed. So footwear issues have been ruled out.

Tonight I had an MRI of my right knee, which I found so restful that I actually fell asleep and was annoyed when the tech woke me. (If you've ever had an MRI, it has a drill-hammer quality to it, as in, there's a drill hammer going off inside my head. And the room is kept at a comfortable 45 degrees F.) And I fell asleep. So that was good. Now if only I could learn to do that in my bed. At night. When it's quiet.

Tomorrow: I drop off MRI films at orthopedist first thing in the morning; I don't see him til Monday morning, but his very kind assistant, Ed, said to call on Friday and maybe they could tell me something over the phone. My big question: Can I/should I run/walk with my group 10 miles on Saturday? Please? It's been three weeks since my last long run. And can I/should I wear some kind of brace or sleeve or something on Saturday? Or could I possibly cause more damage. Remember it's run 3 min./walk 1 min. So I'm hopeful.

And after having read tons of info, it seems like heat is what is called for at this point, after the acute phase of the injury. Whatever. I'm doing all of it, ice, easy stretching, heat, epsom salt bath, and positive thinking. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry your doc said that... I hope the MRI results can give you some hope :-)

Lara said...

That's right - keep positive thoughts and keep advocating for yourself with insensitive docs until someone gives you a plan of action you can live with!

I mean c'mon, there are folks out there for whom loss of extremity was not a so-called career ender. That dude's just a big ol' pessimist.

Stephanie said...

When I finish my marathon tomorrow, I'll tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to. But right now, everyone is telling me that.

Anonymous said...

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