Saturday, September 17, 2005

RBF-ers' Meet-up!

Gulf Coast Relief 5K, Sept. 17, 2005: Met Naomi, who is just like her blog (?), only more so, and very funny and fun and incredibly nice and an amazing runner (and I'll let her tell her own story, let's just say that even though she claims not to have run at all last week, that did not seem to negatively affect her :) ; it was a big crowd; I boycotted the portapotties choosing instead a lovely shady part of Oronoco Park, in view of oh, a few hundred people, had they been looking at me, which they weren't (I don't think anyway); miles were not marked, but course was flat with two little hills; and I did not PR, I PW'd (personal worst), in fact I had to (did I really have to?) run/walk probably the last .5 miles, for a total time of 34.26 (11:06 average), even though just four days ago I ran three miles at 10:36 so wtf? except I know I went out too fast due to excitement of meeting Naomi and being at the race, etc., so it was probably more like 10:00, 11:00 and 13:00 or something, but you know, who CARES?!!!

We took TONS of photos, which I won't get back from shop 'til Wednesday, but there are some amusing ones (we think they're amusing, anyway), and best news of all, my leg did not hurt one bit during the run, only before it. Which was very odd.

And there was food, my friends. The New Haven gang would be proud.

This just in: Plods just finished her first race, a 6k, which course ran by, oh, yawn, the EIFFEL TOWER!!! Well done!


Anonymous said...

well done!!

Lara said...

Sounds like great fun! I always start out too fast in races, it's hard not too. Can't wait to see pictures!!

And soooooo glad to hear that your leg didn't bother!!!

David said...

Don't you just love meeting other runners you know/don't really know? Good for you guys!
If your goal was to PR I guess you're unhappy. If it was not, then next time, you can shoot for the PR with a game plan.
I love to see pics. We'll be patient.

Flatman said...

Awesome...I am glad you had fun!

*jeanne* said...

I hear there were about 5,000 runners in that race!! At the final moment of decision, I went up to do the Habifest 5k (for Habitat for Humanity) in Columbia, MD because I thought the Gulf Coast Relief Run would draw PLENTY of support, and I was afraid Habitat for Humanity's 5K run (or there was a 2-mile walker option) would draw a sparse crowd.
It did have a small turn-out. Hope they do better next year.
But I'm SO glad the Gulf Coast Run did so well, and that you enjoyed yourself!


Anonymous said...

ha! thanks for the shoutout!! <3

Running Chick said...

the best races aren't always the one where we set a PR but the ones where we have a GREAT time, making memories with good friends - new and old.

can't wait to see the pics!

jeanne said...

running chick: thanks for the reminder! you are sooooo right. it was so much fun meeting noames! (although she has this nutty idea bout a 6miler next...)

the other *jeanne*: (I'm so glad you use asterisks, otherwise, we'd always be confused!): thanks for good wishes. HfH's run sounds like it was great.

I can't wait to see the pix too! Will post as soon as i have them, well after I airbrush my body ...

Bex said...

Oooh, I'm anxiously awaiting photos. I love photos. And good job on the race, by the way. You did the best you could - which was pretty damn great!

Bex said...
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