Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Injury, Part 23

I am so sick of hearing myself talk about it, I can only imagine how painful it must be having to read about it. So feel free to skip the next few entries. But, I do have a sworn duty to document every single detail of this marathon. Far be it from me to shirk from duty.

My Plans for This Week:

Wed., a.m.: See podiatrist, grab him by the throat and make him compare old shoes vs. new shoes, old inserts vs. new inserts, and tell me if changing either or both of those could have caused all this nonsense.
Wed., next: Stop by orthopedist and pick up knee x-rays from last week.
Wed., rest of day: attend this thing called "work."
Wed., p.m.: elliptical like hell.
Thursday., a.m.: elliptical, etc...
Thursday p.m.: Get MRI. Give MRI people knee x-rays (dunno, they want them). Pick up MRI films and knee x-rays.
Friday: Rest day (from what, I'm not sure).
Saturday: Load up on ibuprofen and try to run 10 miles with group. Very very slowly.
Sunday: Buy new old shoes (larger version of shoes I ran with from April - August; switched brands in August--right before the troubles started--when they didn't have my size.) Oh, and meet up with college roommate from Boston!!
Monday: See orthopedist; he will rule out stress fracture, and everything else, because doctors never find anything wrong with me, and finally he will give me the f'n prescription for physical therapy!!!

And the good news?? Finally, a new episode of LOST tomorrow night.

And thanks to all of you for all the good vibes and advice. Crossing fingers and toes. And hamstrings.


Stephanie said...

You are doing all the right things, Jeanne. You'll be fine. I know it. You said it yourself, the doctors won't find anything wrong with you that will prevent you from training.

a.maria said...

hells yeah LOST!!

hmmm. all your doctoring makes me think maybe my whole --rest. ignore. pretend it'll fix itself. ignore. stretch. hope for the best--- way of fixing my hamstring might not be the way to go!

meh. whatever. LOST is on tonight and i leave for vacay tomorrow. i can't be bothered by this damn hammy.

however, i wish you all the best! and i just recently changed shoes as well...so... yeah. i think i'll be wearing my old pair to run this weekend!

have a good run! take it easy!

jeanne said...

Thanks guys. a., I wouldn't wait too long, unless it goes away. See how you do this weekend. Right now i can barely walk (sob). stay tuned.

21st Century Mom said...

yikes. Ice is your best friend in the world right now. And quit running (but you knew that).

You might be having ITB problems (Ileo-tibial band). Do a little google work and see if your symptoms match.

5.5 weeks gives you time to heal and make the run... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Oh wait - it is Wed night. What happened??

Stephanie said...

updates Jeanne?