Monday, September 26, 2005

Diagnosis: Do Run Run Run*

Saw orthopod this morning: No meniscus tear (I so wanted to say I told you so, but restrained myself); no stress fracture.

New diagnosis: ITB syndrome ("just a touch") and "runners' knee": a twofer!

Rx: Physical therapy. Sidenote: I first saw this doc on Sept 12 and asked him could I get started on PT, but he wanted to wait a week, see how I did, which was terrible, and then he wanted an MRI, which took another week. It is now Sept 26, and all this time I could have been getting physical therapy. grrr. (Why oh why won't doctors listen to me?? I guess that "md" behind my name (not) doesn't count for much.)

And first opening the PT has is next Monday, Oct 3, so another lost week. But the kind receptionist said I can call every morning to see if there's been a cancellation that day. Which means I have to drive into work every day, instead of taking the bus, and be ready to split on a moment's notice, thereby endearing me to my colleagues even more.


Dr. G said, resume running, wear brace, do the 26-mile practice marathon on saturday. Then he said, see me right before the marathon, and if it's still not better, we can try a cortisone shot. (Yeah, I've read all the pros and cons of that treatment.)

So I am deliriously happy I do not need surgery, and it is not a meniscus tear (I told you so, Dr. G) and what I am wondering now, is: Why do I feel like crying? Girls. Sheesh.)


*The Crystals, 1963, Billboard #3: "Da doo ron-ron-ron." Inspired lyrics!


Simba's Mom said...

Great news!! I think I would have said "I told you so," but you obviously have more restraint than I do!

susie said...

The same reason *I* felt like it on Sunday. Because it's a pain in the you know what...and we've been working really hard....but you know what? We're both going to buck up and handle this. Hang in there, and I will, too:)

jeanne said...

Thanks guys! So today I researched ITB everywhere I could, and my symptoms just do not match!! sigh. Whatever, PT can't hurt. susan, you hang in there too, and we'll both hope for the best!

Lara said...

Cool, you got your PT referral so that's progress! When I had my stressie, I suggested that was the problem to my doc right off the bat. "oh, no, it doesn't *act* like a stress fx" he says. Five weeks later, when it finally showed up on the x-ray I was at once happy/vindicated and angry/sad. Being a fracture, there wasn't any PT or anything that would have necessarily made it heal faster, but it would have been nice to have been acknowledged. I'm a freakin' nurse and I still got blown off!

Anyway, best of luck and keep right on moving forward!! I'm so glad you got the thumbs up for your last long run!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Happy dance! What tremendous news!! Yay!

Noames said...

well yay for finally getting the PT referral. And if ITB isn't quite right, the PT will be able to listen to the symptoms and tailor the therapy to whatever you need.

Richard said...

I did the cortisone shot before my first marathon because of an ITB issue. I can't honestly say that it helped any, if at all. A moderately high of ibuprofen was probably more effective (and potentially quite dangerous). What I did do was stop and stretch, doctor's orders, every time I felt a single twinge. Screwed up my time, but I stayed healthy (or at least didn't get more injured). If I could go back, I wouldn't take the shot and risk the permanent degredation that can come with it, but that's just me.

Oh, and just a random piece of information - I tore my meniscus years ago, had it 'scoped, and let my fears about it contribute to my becoming a major couch potato. Always had problems with that knee, it would go out on me about once every 18 months. Decided to start running and haven't had an issue with it since. YMMV of course, but I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Yay! no meniscus tear!!! :-D I've had slight runner's knee problems in the past but they went away when I took glucosamin + chrondoitin for 20 days.
I still can't believe your plan has you doing a 26 miler before the marathon :-O