Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Collapsible Helmet?

As I wonder around our fair city, on my heavy duty tough guy 400 lb Bikeshare bike, I usually stick to the sidewalks.

Technically? This is not actually illegal in (most parts) of D.C., I learned tonight, after a quick spin around the Interwebs, spurred on by some of you who questioned the legality of such an activity. (And by the way, thanks for the welcome back from all peeps who have NOT forgotten me after all!)

But even though it's not illegal doesn't make it smart. Most of the time.

Here's my rationalization:
a) Most pedestrians are moving faster--way faster--than I am.
2) I'm only going a short distance.
iii) I have no helmet.
Or, more correctly, I have no helmet actually WITH me when I need one.

Take last Saturday, for instance. We strolled about a mile down the hill from our cozy nest to this lovely restaurant for brunch in Cleveland Park. I had some shopping to do afterwards down in Dupont Circle, about 3 miles or a few Metro stops away. But it was such a gorgeous day, I couldn't bring myself to head into the bowels of the earth to ride the Metro. So I hopped on a handy Bikeshare, and boddabing, Bob's your uncle.

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OK, so technically? I do have a helmet, but I don't want to have to schlep it everywhere just in case I need it.

So, as I was swimming tonight (swimming, yes!) I started thinking. "What I need," I thought, "is a helmet that I can fit into my backpack. Or my purse. If I carried a purse. Which I don't. I need a smaller, more compact helmet. Like a folding helmet. Or, even better, a collapsible helmet!"

For some reason, this made total sense to me at the time.

Now, however, in the comfort of my bed, several hours later, I'm sensing there just might be a flaw in my thinking.

I just bet you there's a market for this.