Wednesday, August 31, 2005


So, rock on over to 21st Century Mom's site and tell her what's in your purse (yeah, guys too!). If nothing else, it will get you to clean it out.

What I want to know is, how come on "LOST," the only characters who survived the plane crash are good looking? Why is that? (I am so shallow.) And how does a 10-month preggers woman survive without a scratch? I realize I'm coming in late, and there's really no catching up on this show, which has the most convoluted plotline I've ever seen. So it's entirely possible that I missed the part where they killed all the ugly people before the plane crashed. On the desert island. With the polar bear. Somewhere in the South Pacific. Which is why I must watch this show while while reading its recap on television without pity, which, if you haven't read it, you really really should. That's some kinda inspired recapping.

In other random non-running news: Number One Daughter is at school, busy wrestling with her own decision—to stay on the crew team, or drop it. And I mean wrestling, worried about letting the team down, her coach down, herself down, vs. getting to sleep late, like um til 7 a.m., like a normal person and join activities and have fun.

God, we're quite a pair aren't we? Not exactly executive types when it comes to making decisions.

I'm plum out of running tales.

But I did get my official Marine Corps Marathon bib assignment today: 19169. Which is related to running, I think you could definitely say.

And which number makes me think of Jenny-867-5309, minus a few digits, don't ask me why.


Stephanie said...

TV without pity is the best. One of my favorite reads on a slow day!

Aren't bib numbers strange? Mine was so short, I wondered what it meant? It's such a wierd feeling to have it too, like it's REAL!

a.maria said...

oh the shame..the SHAME and the HORROR.... how can you not be in love with LOST?!!!! its my vice, well...that and alias.... ohmygod i luv it (yes, its ridiculous, but so GOOD!!!)

the polar bear has to do with walt. i wont give away too much in case you're reading about it... but it makes more sense if you understand walt and his TOTALLY FREAKY WEIRD ME OUT-ness. ;)

(yeah... i know. i know... a little much right?! but seriously, good show!)

hope NOD gets that all squared away. just remind her to be thankful she has to make the decision, instead of just not being able to even have the OPTION of being on crew (i.e.... me!)

jeanne said...

Hey, I'm addicted to LOST!!! I just like making fun of it!

and you and crew: i'm telling you: coxswain! you'd be perfect!

21st Century Mom said...

I am Lost on LOST because I haven't seen it yet but that's because I only do these sorts of shows on DVD when I can watch a whole season in a sitting or 2. I'll catch up soon.

As for the pretty people only thing, yes... it happens EVERYWHERE (except Survivor where the ugly, fat naked guy won - go figure).

Thanks for mentioning my purse game! And here's to you, Jeanne-19-169-She-Runs-and-Ru-uh-uh-uns.....19-169-runuhuhuuns.....

Danny said...

Since you're 48, and not 18, you have no excuse for linking to a goo goo dolls version of that song. It's Tommy Tutone, from the 80's. :-)

jeanne said...

Ha!! but I so prefer the goo-goo dolls! Plus, I just like saying their name.
But, you get the bonus points for knowing who TuTone even is.

jeanne said...

and p.s. to Stephanie: I think my number means either a) that's how far back I'll start (not bad, considering there's 30,000 runners, or 2) where i'll place.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Erin said...

Well, most people wouldn't exactly call Hurley beautiful. And then there was the character of Arzt, but then again, he met an interesting fate.

I LOVE Lost. I can't wait til the season premier!!!