Friday, July 30, 2010

Really, I Really Was Not Born to Run. No Kidding.

According to my workout-o-meter, the last time I worked out was March 25. That is all lies and calumny, of course.

Between then and now I have taken a few bike rides, run/walked a few miles, and taken a few P90x classes at work.

But nothing to write home about.

Or write a blog post about.

I can't believe I ran this only in January.

Back then, I looked 13.1 miles in the face and laughed. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Who's laughing now, eh mon amie??

But in a not-so-triummphant return, this week I laced up my running shoes three times.



As in, THRICE.

I am lucky to be finally living in a place where I can walk out my door and turn any which way for a great run. Past the National Cathedral, Cactus Cantina, or up to American University.

If only I could actually run, this would be ideal.

I am back to run/walking. And up to a grand total of: three miles.

In case you were wondering what would happen if you take some time off from running, this is what happens.

You kind of just lose it.

You get to start all over again.

It's fun!

Almost as fun as being a really slow runner!

Which I was kind of getting over.

I shall return, my friends.