Saturday, September 24, 2005

I Bring You Glad Tidings

I ran 10 miles with my group this morning, and this little fella came along for the ride:
(The brace; not the guy in it, though he has nice legs.)

My running store guy picked it out for me. I wore it all day yesterday, and it really helped, even though I was just walking around the office.

Today, I had it on so tight I thought I'd cut off my circulation, but it did the job. I have a bit of pain now with it off, but cross fingers, don't think I made anything worse.

So running! Yes! Today it was gray and cool out, very Fall-like. Perfect weather. There are two giant events happening on your national Mall today: the peace march, and the Library of Congress' annual book sale. On our way out, we passed about 270 thousand media trucks with their satellite antennae poking out, all lined up right between the White House and the Washington Monument. Sort of surreal with no people there and nothing to film but each other. On the way back the busloads of protesters began arriving and we started having to dance around them to get by.

And if I were not a total slug, I would drag myself back to the Mall and go to that book sale. But too hard to drive cuz all the streets are closed off, and Metro will be too crowded and anyway i have my PERIOD and a nice headache to go with it, if you must know. (God, you're so relentless!)

Our run this morning: 2 hours: 11 minutes. Which is just fine and dandy with me. Next Saturday is our "pretend" marathon, in a new location, cuz all the AIDS Marathon groups are coming together for this event. I'm still mad that I missed the 23-miler, which was our last run on the Crescent Trail, and would have kinda been good preparation for 26 miles, but oh well. I am now very hopeful that the doctor will say tomorrow, "Oh you just strained your whosis, just run backwards for a week, and you'll be fine."


Am very anxiously awaiting news from Stephanie. Thought of her during entire run this morning. Isn't it funny how close you can feel to someone you've never met?



susie said...

There you go!Thanks for your comments. You're right--the pace today wasn't that far off. It was probably a combination of the last three runs, or what I ate, or the lack of stretching, or my new hair color:) Geesh, so hard to figure out, isn't it? So I'll sit it out...and wait patiently like you did. And ice cream has to figure in somewhere.

Liz said...

That guy has some nicely shaved legs :)

Danny said...

that's great that you were able to get back out there and run 10 miles. i'm really happy for you!

Jack said...

Good job running the 10 miles, hope your knee cooperates for the marathon. It must be cool running in D.C. I played tourist there in 1987 and found it inspiring walking around all the monuments and stuff. I would love to do some laps around the area.

Lara said...

Glad to hear you were able to run. That had to have felt great!!! Crossing my fingers for good news to come!

Stephanie said...

Yay that the brace worked and thanks for thinking of me! I know it helped.

21st Century Mom said...

Remember when running 4 whole miles seemed daunting and now it's "10 miles, yes!"

I'm really happy your knee situation is under control. Go Jeanne!

ps - I wish I could have picked the doctor for you. Sorry the first one was not the right guy!

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