Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Bells Are Ringing ... *

Remember me?

The one not with the meniscus tear but maybe ITB syndrome, but I don't really think so?

No running for this gal this week. Instead, I'm mounting the beloved elliptical machine daily, trying to get the cardio in without doing in the leg. So today, I went 3.25 miles in 50 minutes. I'm telling you, one of these days, I'm actually going to end up somewhere. Yesterday, did 45 minutes. Tomorrow, another 50 minutes. ...and then Saturday? Oh, 26 mile run. With the lovely Cho-Pat® knee brace.

In the meantime, as a backup, I've developed a new passion:
hand-bell ringing. So it's pretty much official now: I'm a nerd. I had lesson number two tonight. We played My Country 'Tis of Thee, and She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain. Real hand-bell ringing crowd pleasers. Now I just have to learn chords, notes, keys, how to read music, oh and how to ring bells (it's not as easy as it looks), and I'll soon be playing Bach cantatas. I should be ready for my debut in a few years. And it sure beats fighting with Doubleclick code for six hours straight (that would be at work today).

Still, it's always good to have a fallback plan, as your mothers all taught you. My mother told me I could always be a secretary if I learned how to type. And for once, I took her advice. I have to say, if there is ONE skill I learned in high school that I use every single day of my life, including right this minute, it's typing!! Mothers know best. Of course, there are no more secretaries. But still.

Anywho, if I tank at this running thing, watch for my new blog: "Not Born to Ring."

So, I'm just checkin' in. This entry is really lame, kind of like my leg. Ha. I'm just very busy trying not to think about What Lies Ahead.

*Words by Edgar Leslie and E. Ray Goetz, music by George W. Meyer 1917. Recorded by Judy Garland, and even Dean Martin. Caution: Click here at your own risk. High annoyance factor.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Diagnosis: Do Run Run Run*

Saw orthopod this morning: No meniscus tear (I so wanted to say I told you so, but restrained myself); no stress fracture.

New diagnosis: ITB syndrome ("just a touch") and "runners' knee": a twofer!

Rx: Physical therapy. Sidenote: I first saw this doc on Sept 12 and asked him could I get started on PT, but he wanted to wait a week, see how I did, which was terrible, and then he wanted an MRI, which took another week. It is now Sept 26, and all this time I could have been getting physical therapy. grrr. (Why oh why won't doctors listen to me?? I guess that "md" behind my name (not) doesn't count for much.)

And first opening the PT has is next Monday, Oct 3, so another lost week. But the kind receptionist said I can call every morning to see if there's been a cancellation that day. Which means I have to drive into work every day, instead of taking the bus, and be ready to split on a moment's notice, thereby endearing me to my colleagues even more.


Dr. G said, resume running, wear brace, do the 26-mile practice marathon on saturday. Then he said, see me right before the marathon, and if it's still not better, we can try a cortisone shot. (Yeah, I've read all the pros and cons of that treatment.)

So I am deliriously happy I do not need surgery, and it is not a meniscus tear (I told you so, Dr. G) and what I am wondering now, is: Why do I feel like crying? Girls. Sheesh.)


*The Crystals, 1963, Billboard #3: "Da doo ron-ron-ron." Inspired lyrics!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I Bring You Glad Tidings

I ran 10 miles with my group this morning, and this little fella came along for the ride:
(The brace; not the guy in it, though he has nice legs.)

My running store guy picked it out for me. I wore it all day yesterday, and it really helped, even though I was just walking around the office.

Today, I had it on so tight I thought I'd cut off my circulation, but it did the job. I have a bit of pain now with it off, but cross fingers, don't think I made anything worse.

So running! Yes! Today it was gray and cool out, very Fall-like. Perfect weather. There are two giant events happening on your national Mall today: the peace march, and the Library of Congress' annual book sale. On our way out, we passed about 270 thousand media trucks with their satellite antennae poking out, all lined up right between the White House and the Washington Monument. Sort of surreal with no people there and nothing to film but each other. On the way back the busloads of protesters began arriving and we started having to dance around them to get by.

And if I were not a total slug, I would drag myself back to the Mall and go to that book sale. But too hard to drive cuz all the streets are closed off, and Metro will be too crowded and anyway i have my PERIOD and a nice headache to go with it, if you must know. (God, you're so relentless!)

Our run this morning: 2 hours: 11 minutes. Which is just fine and dandy with me. Next Saturday is our "pretend" marathon, in a new location, cuz all the AIDS Marathon groups are coming together for this event. I'm still mad that I missed the 23-miler, which was our last run on the Crescent Trail, and would have kinda been good preparation for 26 miles, but oh well. I am now very hopeful that the doctor will say tomorrow, "Oh you just strained your whosis, just run backwards for a week, and you'll be fine."


Am very anxiously awaiting news from Stephanie. Thought of her during entire run this morning. Isn't it funny how close you can feel to someone you've never met?


Friday, September 23, 2005

All News, All the Time

This just in: Friday, 12:41 p.m.: Ed From the Doctor's Office called; stress fracture ruled out; possible meniscus tear (we knew that, but ok); they have to wait for radiologist's report and Monday's exam to know for sure; MRI showed slight fluid buildup in knee; but go ahead and run this weekend, unless it hurts too much, then don't; and yes, wear a compression sleeve if you feel like it.

I am taking this as good news!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

First Things First

Left: Yours truly and James Carville reminisce about old times at the Gulf Coast Relief 5K. (I'm much skinnier in real life.)

Here is a link to a snapfish album of the day, so you can get see the all the thrills, chills, and spills of the whole D.C. RBF gang meet up (so far, that would be me and Naomi, although there is talk of a surprise third making a Veteran's Day run with us. If I still have a leg by then. ha). I think you have to create an account to see this album, but it's free. You don't want to miss these exclusive photos!

The update: Stephanie is running forward with courage on Saturday!! Whoo hooo! Very exciting and all good wishes pouring her way.

My "running" update: I haven't been. Not since my aborted attempt on Monday. It's amazing how precious the ability to run becomes when you can't. But when you can, it can be such a burden. In fact, I vaguely recall hating running. Such is life, I guess. But good news: I'm getting better on the elliptical! Tuesday: 45 minutes got me 2.54 miles; Thursday, 45 minutes got me 2.90 miles! Maybe if I keep going eventually I will get someplace. My leg felt a bit better after today's session, but I am still limping and I still have pain when that leg bears weight, which somehow I don't think is a good sign.

TMMI (Too much medical information, but here it is:) I saw the podiatrist yesterday and he said: New orthotics and new shoes definitely did not cause this. Then, because it was 8 a.m. and I guess he likes to get a head start on making people cry, he said "This sounds like a meniscus tear. That's a career-ender." To which, to my credit, I said, "Hey!! Please don't say that" you horse's ass, like you know, because you don't, and great going bucking me up. Minus that last part. I did say "I really wish you hadn't said that." Probably several times. And then I said, "The orthopedist actually does not know yet what it is yet, and i'm having an MRI on Thursday" you stupid goon. And this guy has been a runner for 30 years! OK, even I know that if it is a meniscus tear, it might mean surgery, probably orthoscopic (probably invented after he went to medical school), and recovery, but it doesn't have to be the "end" of my budding running career. Nice job stamping all over my fragile self, buster.

I had actually typed out all my runs and dates and symptoms and put stars next to when I got new shoes, new inserts and new pain and then I reviewed it with him, which is very unlike me, because I am usually a wimp around doctors. Apparently, I am highly motivated. He was impressed. Hey, *I* was impressed. So footwear issues have been ruled out.

Tonight I had an MRI of my right knee, which I found so restful that I actually fell asleep and was annoyed when the tech woke me. (If you've ever had an MRI, it has a drill-hammer quality to it, as in, there's a drill hammer going off inside my head. And the room is kept at a comfortable 45 degrees F.) And I fell asleep. So that was good. Now if only I could learn to do that in my bed. At night. When it's quiet.

Tomorrow: I drop off MRI films at orthopedist first thing in the morning; I don't see him til Monday morning, but his very kind assistant, Ed, said to call on Friday and maybe they could tell me something over the phone. My big question: Can I/should I run/walk with my group 10 miles on Saturday? Please? It's been three weeks since my last long run. And can I/should I wear some kind of brace or sleeve or something on Saturday? Or could I possibly cause more damage. Remember it's run 3 min./walk 1 min. So I'm hopeful.

And after having read tons of info, it seems like heat is what is called for at this point, after the acute phase of the injury. Whatever. I'm doing all of it, ice, easy stretching, heat, epsom salt bath, and positive thinking. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Injury, Part 23

I am so sick of hearing myself talk about it, I can only imagine how painful it must be having to read about it. So feel free to skip the next few entries. But, I do have a sworn duty to document every single detail of this marathon. Far be it from me to shirk from duty.

My Plans for This Week:

Wed., a.m.: See podiatrist, grab him by the throat and make him compare old shoes vs. new shoes, old inserts vs. new inserts, and tell me if changing either or both of those could have caused all this nonsense.
Wed., next: Stop by orthopedist and pick up knee x-rays from last week.
Wed., rest of day: attend this thing called "work."
Wed., p.m.: elliptical like hell.
Thursday., a.m.: elliptical, etc...
Thursday p.m.: Get MRI. Give MRI people knee x-rays (dunno, they want them). Pick up MRI films and knee x-rays.
Friday: Rest day (from what, I'm not sure).
Saturday: Load up on ibuprofen and try to run 10 miles with group. Very very slowly.
Sunday: Buy new old shoes (larger version of shoes I ran with from April - August; switched brands in August--right before the troubles started--when they didn't have my size.) Oh, and meet up with college roommate from Boston!!
Monday: See orthopedist; he will rule out stress fracture, and everything else, because doctors never find anything wrong with me, and finally he will give me the f'n prescription for physical therapy!!!

And the good news?? Finally, a new episode of LOST tomorrow night.

And thanks to all of you for all the good vibes and advice. Crossing fingers and toes. And hamstrings.

Monday, September 19, 2005

So Frustrated!!!

So y'all, I've been dealing with this right knee/back of calf/now outside of knee/ now hamstring thing pretty much since Sept. 3, my last long slow run. I ran the 5k on saturday, i ran twice last week (just 3 and 4 miles), with no pain during run and some afterwards, but long after, like at night.

On Sunday, after Saturday's 5k, I woke up and could barely walk, but forced myself for a 30 minute walk, during which I hobbled like john wayne.

This morning, my leg didn't feel so bad, so I thought I'd try a 4-miler, slooow. After 1.5 miles, I had to call it quits and walked back. Intense pain, now mostly on outside of right knee, and hamstring. oh, and other places since my stride is all off now.

Called sports doc back this morning not to see him, but to get a referral to a sports PT; my insurance says I don't need a referral from a doc, but the state of MD says i need a prescription from a doc. SO i am trying to sidestep actually seeing the doc again, and just have his asst tell him to WRITE ME THE F'N script already so i can see someone tomorrow. First call at 9 a.m; 2nd call at 2:30 (both times 20 minute holds, yeah i know i'm not the most important person in the world...) and receptionist just told me ONCE again that the doctor's assistant will call me...WHEN HE CAN. And she was all annoyed with me.

So I know i've got nothin' on Stephanie, cuz I've got about 5 1/2 weeks to go, but i've got my own little freak out going on. I think that doc was just wrong about the meniscus tear and now i want to see a pt who actually runs. and i'm seeing podiatrist on thursday which i will try to change to tomorrow bcs it's seems incredibly coincidental that two weeks after I got my $500 custom-made orthotics, which I took out slowly, as this running podiatrist cautioned me, that all this s***t started happening.

So i'm in major bummer land, and now am thinking maybe I just can't do it--the M thing. And for the first time in my life, that i can remember, I was feeling so happy and good and proud of myself.

sorry, no jokes today. END RANT

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Send Good Wishes

Our friend Stephanie, who has been a total trooper training for her first marathon next Saturday, is still battling an injury and, and now a major freakout, so I thought I'd just let you know and I hope she doesn't mind my posting this, like I'm all mother hen-ish, etc., except, well I am all mother hen-ish!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

RBF-ers' Meet-up!

Gulf Coast Relief 5K, Sept. 17, 2005: Met Naomi, who is just like her blog (?), only more so, and very funny and fun and incredibly nice and an amazing runner (and I'll let her tell her own story, let's just say that even though she claims not to have run at all last week, that did not seem to negatively affect her :) ; it was a big crowd; I boycotted the portapotties choosing instead a lovely shady part of Oronoco Park, in view of oh, a few hundred people, had they been looking at me, which they weren't (I don't think anyway); miles were not marked, but course was flat with two little hills; and I did not PR, I PW'd (personal worst), in fact I had to (did I really have to?) run/walk probably the last .5 miles, for a total time of 34.26 (11:06 average), even though just four days ago I ran three miles at 10:36 so wtf? except I know I went out too fast due to excitement of meeting Naomi and being at the race, etc., so it was probably more like 10:00, 11:00 and 13:00 or something, but you know, who CARES?!!!

We took TONS of photos, which I won't get back from shop 'til Wednesday, but there are some amusing ones (we think they're amusing, anyway), and best news of all, my leg did not hurt one bit during the run, only before it. Which was very odd.

And there was food, my friends. The New Haven gang would be proud.

This just in: Plods just finished her first race, a 6k, which course ran by, oh, yawn, the EIFFEL TOWER!!! Well done!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Well, Technically, We're All Dying

Cheery thought, eh? So my motto: carpe diem while ya got it. (Oh I wish that were my motto.)

Got to work at 6 a.m., changed, met FastRunnerFriend at 6:30 and ran four miles with no walking (!!!!) and faster than my usual 4-mile pace, too, without consciously trying to go faster. In fact, I was consciously trying to go slower so I could finish without walking.

Just to keep me honest:
(humidity=90% no kidding, at 6:30 a.m.)

total:44:12 / 11:03 min/mile pace.

Pretty darn good. FRF again slowed down for me and was soooo encouraging and complimentary about me finishing without walking. I think she was happier than I was!! (Thanks, A.!) This is how fast she is: while I was huffing and puffing and dragging my ass UPHILL at my 11 min/mile pace, she was walking next to me. Her walk is as fast as my fastest running. Hello! Still, having her there and knowing she is not going to judge me, plus knowing she has PROMISED to tell me if she wants to take off, really helped me take my mind off all the icky parts of those 44 minutes—you know, the running parts.

What also helped was a line I read in a John "the Penguin" Bingham book last night: he said "So many runners give up, when their best day might have been right around the corner. Might have been their next run, in fact." (paraphrasing.) So, I kept that thought in mind.

Whatever. I was happy at the end, and so was she. Leg did not bother me. Not then, not during the whole day, which I spent icing it. (More about that later.)


In other news, Big (well, two is a bigger number than one) Running Blog Family meet-up happening on Saturday!!! I am finally going to meet 26.2 miles vs. Naomi~! We're running racing the Gulf Coast Relief 5K Run and Walk, which is raising money for Red Cross. Sponsored by our favorite wacky politico duo: James Carville and Mary Matalin. And one certified movie star: Patricia Clarkson. I'm sure I'll be running alongside her.

So Naomi is supposed to be making the truffles right now, and yeah, I'm supposed to be finding a mother to make us cookies (wait—I'm a mother!)

And in a very strange turn of events, my entire pace group (remember them?) has also signed up for this. But I shouldn't really link to that ancient entry since it turns out that they actually missed me at the 23 miler on Saturday, asked about me, and sent best wishes. See? People can change and start liking you. There's a lesson there. (I *think* the lesson is: I became less judgmental and starting accepting them. Imagine.) Oh I love running because it teaches you so many life lessons! Like how not to be a jerk.


So I spent tonight wandering the streets of Alexandria, (in my car) looking for the store to pick up the race packets, only had zero gas because i'll be damned if I'll pay $3.50 a gallon, and we should all be taking public transportation, only it would take me like six hours to get from my place in Bethesda to across the river in Alexandria via public transportation. (I'm so stubborn it's really borderline demented. Not to mention nonsensical.) Found store, and picked up packets for me and 26 miles versus, Hmm, no maps of course in packet, in store, on Web site, or anywhere else. Actually, there was a teeny-tiny hand-drawn map at the back of the store, but my photographic memory failed me. How about info about parking? Nope. Didn't have that either.

So I drove around Alexandria, which luckily, is laid out in a nice grid. A very royal place. Duke St., King St., Prince St., etc. WIth stop signs at each intersection. Of which there were hundreds. I was trying to at least find the race start before I ran out of gas. Found start. Bought gas. ($3.22/gallon. ugh.)

Got home around 9ish, got out of car and, ouchie, leg hurt again. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE that I can go the entire day, and run four miles and be at work, all icing up and raising leg and being fine (and p.s. I had wrapped an ice bandage on leg during drive to store) and when I get home I am limping? I so think that doctor was wrong.

Well, maybe it's temporary. I'm going to think positive. Meanwhile, I gotta go find me a cookie-maker.

Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm Not Dying

Saw the sports doc this morning (thanks 21st century mom for kick in pants to do this). He took x-rays.

First, the good news:

Doc (After x-ray and exam): "You have the knees of an 18-year-old!" (Direct quote, please don't tell me he probably says that to all 48-year-olds; let me revel.)
Me: "Oh, I wish you were my boob doctor!" (No, didn't say that, really. Thought it, though!)
Doc: "No arthritic changes at all." (He starts sketching a picture of the knee bone connected to ... etc. They love drawing these things.)
Doc: "I think it's likely a meniscus tear. It won't heal, and it may not ever get worse. It's really a quality of life thing (me: ut-oh, I've heard these words before). If it gets to the point where you can't walk, we can discuss surgery."
Doc: "Would you like some Ultracet with that?"
Me: "Um, no, it's not really hurting, it just collapses at odd times. Anyway, I tried Ultracet once before and it felt like heroin, in a bad way." (Note: Worst drug experience of my life. Prescribed for back pain. Getting off of it was as bad as being on it. This drug is for Big, Huge, Pain problems. Just FYI.)
Me: (Hmmm, I just heard him asking patient across hall if he would like some Ultracet. Is there an Ultracet salesman on the premises?)
Me: "Can I run?" Whip out The Schedule and show him. He is duly impressed.
Doc: "Sure!"
Me: "Alrighty then."

Second: there isn't any bad news. (Ha ha!)

The appointment lasted approximately five minutes. I really should have clocked it. I showed him my old orthotics, my new orthotics. Described what happened and when. He had me jump up and down on one foot and crouch down and get up. He took an X-ray (which of course would never show any muscle or cartilege tears) which was a-ok. In fact, did I mention that I apparently have the knees of an 18-year-old? Which makes sense, because they go along with my perfect feet.

So no 37-week course of physical therapy, thank God, and I fended off unwanted drugs, and after work tonight went right out and ran three miles, hard, because I like to gamble. (And he didn't say not to.)

Time: 31:50 (previous best: 31.49)

Average: 10:36/mile


So thanks for all your well wishes. ( I'm not even going to tell you about the entire TIN of ginger cookies I ate Saturday night, in a fit of pique, and besides, ginger is good for your digestion.)

If I'm ever in the hospital, I want you there with me.


Friday, September 09, 2005

What You Can Do When You Are Not Running 23 Miles Tomorrow

1. Stay up as late as you want watching trash TV!!! (In progress.)
2. Sleep in. (Will work on in morning.)
3. Read mystery novels all night. (Starting ... right ... now.)
4. Eat mounds of ice cream to soothe very angry psyche. (Done.)
5. Worry self sick about gaining gazillions of pounds of weight. (See #4.)
6. Do errands--lots and lots of errands! (Hmmmm.)
7. Wonder what errands I used to do on Saturday mornings in the Time Before Running? (Wracking brain ...)
8. Clean closets out! (Now you're hallucinating.)
9. Get self organized! (ha ha ha ha ha)
10. Read 10,000 running blogs and advice columnists. (Not very original.)
11. Get ready for 10:15 appointment on Monday (Eastern Time, please set your watches accordingly) with sports medicine center. (Bring both pairs of running shoes and both sets of orthotics. Like that's gonna help.)
12. Worry. (In progress.)
13. Pop in at work over weekend just to tidy up. (Will give me head start on week!)
14. It's not like I don't have a life or anything. (No, really!)
15. Go to movies Saturday night because I won't be limping or hobbling. (Slim comfort.)
16. Read newspaper cover to cover, lolling on porch and sipping decaf. (Oooh, now we're talking! That will take, oh, approximately three hours.)
17. I really should have volunteered to man a water stop tomorrow morning--ah, too depressing. (I'm so all about me.)
18. Take all recyclables downstairs and put in proper bins! (Like running on Saturday would have kept you from doing this?)
19. Pick up clothes left at drycleaner several weeks ago. (Um, this also has nothing to do with not running 23 miles, Jeanne, just so you know.)
20. Paint decrepit table left out on porch that I stole from garbage heap last year. (You only have about six extra hours you know, not 60.)
21. Poop. (Come on, you know you were just waiting for me to say that.)

And there you have it. The top 20 21 Things You Can Do When You Are Not Running 23 Miles. Feel free to borrow.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

You Know You Are All on the Edge of Your Seats ...

... waiting for the next installment in the Continuing Story of Jeanne's Calf.

Without further ado:

1. Must find sports p.t. who will see me without a referral from a doctor, since I don't have one (cuz they keep quitting my $#!@ insurance plan!!)

2. Feeling a little better today (this could be wishful thinking, hard to tell), so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine of hell tonight, even worked up a good sweat. And nothing bad happened.

3. I'm stretching like it's my job. Not sure if that's helping.

4. Started taking bus to work this week to save on gas, and because I need to "walk my talk" about supporting public transportation already.

5. Speaking of walking: Added benefit of bus is I get extra walking in.

6. Demerit of bus is that I get extra walking in. Which is fine. When my leg is fine. But when I have to sprint for the last bus home last night at 8:46p.m.? Um, not so much.

7. RIght now, leg is feeling better and I'm so wanting to talk self into trying the 23, but cooler heads than mine are prevailing so I am going to skip it and it will not be the end of the world. And that will be a really good lesson for me to learn.

And check out the rundown this week from Danny, who is also fighting an injury.

If tomorrow, I do nothing else but make an appointment with some sports medical person, I will consider it a good day. (If I put it in writing here, maybe I'll actually follow through.)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's Official

From our program rep, in answer to my query about what to do:

I know you want to run this weekend but I strongly recommend against it. It's much more important for you to rest and heal completely before tackling this distance. Remember, there is no single run that will make or break your training or marathon performance. We have a 26 miler coming up and if you do 23 instead, you'll be more than ready for race day. I also recommend you stop running altogether for a while. At least until this clears up.

Sucks the big one.

Monday, September 05, 2005


(*Name of entry stolen from a cool blogger I just found. Check her out. At least I think she's a she. She's mysterious.)

Anywho, with much trepidation, because of slight calf problem, causing slight inability to walk correctly, I went for a 4-mile run this afternoon, a sunny fall day with no humidity, because it was just too tempting not to run. (Did I just write that?)

Unfortunately, two very pushy pals insisted on joining me. Their names? Oh just I Told You So and I Knew It. (Apologies to Naomi.)

Now that I'm part of Operation Slow the F*** Down (apologies to Dianna), these two had no business running with me.

ITYS started up when my calf started to hurt. Then, IKI kicked in when I developed the side stitch.

I swear I wasn't goading them. My right calf has been hurting since Saturday's 10 miler, but it felt a bit better today, so I just thought (you thought! you thought! we need you to stop thinking) I would see what would happen if I did this little run very very slowly, using the run/walk method. So I decided to run 5 minutes and walk 1 minute (apologies to the perenially perky Penguin for stealing his ratio) instead of my usual 3:1 ratio which I use only and solely and wholly on long runs and never ever ever on short little runs like this.

So, here's what happened:
Mile 1: 11:37 (Hm, It hurts to walk to the start of the trail (I Told You So!). My leg feels like it is going to buckle at any moment.)
Mile 2: 12:27 (Keep running/walking. Now lovely side stitch develops. Do belly breathing. There is absolutely no reason for this (I Knew It!) Calf feels better. Sometimes.)
Mile 3: 12:41 (And sometimes it feels worse. WTF? ITYS and IKI are talking up a storm. Can't you two think of anything else to say?)
Mile 4: 12:29 (Hm, now it's feeling better, but don't even think that because you will jinx it.)

Walked 10 minutes afterward, and did these stretches (thank you Susan!) before and after. Everything seemed a-ok.

Off to grocery store, where, ut-oh, right leg seems to be doing whatever it wants, like, for instance, NOT holding up my body. Tonight, there was more icing and more stretching (not too much though), and I am now, for real, in full on panic mode and scared, um, Witless about what to do the rest of the week, and how on God's Green Earth Am I Going to Run 23 Miles on Saturday????

The end.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's So Hard

To write about running in light of what's happening down south, because running just seems so trivial, but you know, really, it's not. I'm raising money for an AIDS clinic, many of you are raising money for other causes, I'm getting stronger, fighting my own demons, and so are all of you. And we're all fighting them together. Those aren't trivial things.

So today was my second 10 miler Saturday (remember last Saturday I pulled away from the pack and flew through the air like superwoman? yeah. Didn't do that this week). And funnily enough, like half of the 400 people at our training site didn't show. Only three from my group. I guess some people think a Labor Day holiday means ... no labor!

So we mushed a few groups together and ran a bit slower than usual, but now, seven days before next Saturday's mind-blowing 23 mile run, apparently I have decided this is the perfect time to start having calf problems in my right leg. Just for kicks. I kept up with the front of the pack, but it was slow going, and my calf just hurt. I've been icing it all day, and wondering if I should stick to the elliptical machine instead of running next week, so as not to screw up next Saturday's run, which I am really looking forward to. So bring on the advice, people!

For the record, 10 miles, total time: 2:13 (compared to last week: 2:08); Average: 13:18
Miles 1 & 2 (yeah, someday will learn to work watch (um, not)):24:36
3: 13:12
4: 13:02
5: 13:53
6: 12:52
7: 15:34
8: 13:13
9: 12:26
10: 12:53

But I'm not gonna worry about the time for once; I just needed the miles. Since we had a few groups of various times trying to run together, we had to run at the pace of the slowest runner, which was 14:30, and that was hard (you can see I was all over the place).

But here I am for the first time really worried that I have hurt myself. Also very weird: when I got home I had terrible chills; they started in the car. Maybe just from all that sweating, and the lowered humidity? (No air conditioning; I hate the stuff.) I had to take a hot shower and drink hot tea when I got home. It was odd.

I was still hobbling tonight as I took myself out to see a terrific movie, The Constant Gardener, which stars my boyfriend, Ralph Fiennes.

Also mad props to Stephanie who finished 20 miles (!!!!!) running strong, and to Wil, who suffered a kick in the face (literally) and then had some idiot ride by and tell her to pedal (no s***, you're supposed to pedal??), but instead of leaping off her bike and getting in a fistifght, which I would have been sorely tempted to do, she bit the bullet and finished her tri. These ladies kick some serious ass.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Well, That Was Exhausting

That makeover, I mean. It was touch and go there for a while.

I'm trying to pare down my life to the bare essentials, so those freakin' polka dots just had to go. So, poof. Dots be gone!

Now, in running news: Ran with a friend this morning, 6:30 a.m., the first time I have ever let anyone, other than the schleps (no offense, I'm a schlep too) in my pace group, run with me.

She insisted that she would go as slow as I needed. I told her I was embarassed, but after enough cajoling, I said ok. (Look, I have people begging to run with me!) So I told her let's just do three miles, cuz I know I can do three, standing on my head, cuz I do four every single week. Sometimes even in the rain. All the time in the humidity.

We ran the first three sort of fast for me (10:30ish) (slow for her) and then I said, "oh, let's just do four," which was what I was supposed to do anyway, because, you know, that's what's on the Schedule. FastRunner Friend told me all about her son's recent evacuation from Tulane (New Orleans) where he was just starting his first semester (he's home safe and sound). So that should have got my mind off myself.

Well, you would think anyway.

But no. The minute we reached three miles, for no real good reason, I had to walk. (Did I really have to walk?? Dunno. I sure thought so at the time.) So we walked and ran for the last mile, and FastRunner Friend was totally nice and understanding and even said it would serve as her day's workout.

Running is so mental!! And it makes me so mental!! that I psyched myself all the way into NOT being able to do a measly four miles.


Yeah, but then I came home and changed my blog background.

And it's not everyone who can do that.

So I guess I still rock.