Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's So Hard

To write about running in light of what's happening down south, because running just seems so trivial, but you know, really, it's not. I'm raising money for an AIDS clinic, many of you are raising money for other causes, I'm getting stronger, fighting my own demons, and so are all of you. And we're all fighting them together. Those aren't trivial things.

So today was my second 10 miler Saturday (remember last Saturday I pulled away from the pack and flew through the air like superwoman? yeah. Didn't do that this week). And funnily enough, like half of the 400 people at our training site didn't show. Only three from my group. I guess some people think a Labor Day holiday means ... no labor!

So we mushed a few groups together and ran a bit slower than usual, but now, seven days before next Saturday's mind-blowing 23 mile run, apparently I have decided this is the perfect time to start having calf problems in my right leg. Just for kicks. I kept up with the front of the pack, but it was slow going, and my calf just hurt. I've been icing it all day, and wondering if I should stick to the elliptical machine instead of running next week, so as not to screw up next Saturday's run, which I am really looking forward to. So bring on the advice, people!

For the record, 10 miles, total time: 2:13 (compared to last week: 2:08); Average: 13:18
Miles 1 & 2 (yeah, someday will learn to work watch (um, not)):24:36
3: 13:12
4: 13:02
5: 13:53
6: 12:52
7: 15:34
8: 13:13
9: 12:26
10: 12:53

But I'm not gonna worry about the time for once; I just needed the miles. Since we had a few groups of various times trying to run together, we had to run at the pace of the slowest runner, which was 14:30, and that was hard (you can see I was all over the place).

But here I am for the first time really worried that I have hurt myself. Also very weird: when I got home I had terrible chills; they started in the car. Maybe just from all that sweating, and the lowered humidity? (No air conditioning; I hate the stuff.) I had to take a hot shower and drink hot tea when I got home. It was odd.

I was still hobbling tonight as I took myself out to see a terrific movie, The Constant Gardener, which stars my boyfriend, Ralph Fiennes.

Also mad props to Stephanie who finished 20 miles (!!!!!) running strong, and to Wil, who suffered a kick in the face (literally) and then had some idiot ride by and tell her to pedal (no s***, you're supposed to pedal??), but instead of leaping off her bike and getting in a fistifght, which I would have been sorely tempted to do, she bit the bullet and finished her tri. These ladies kick some serious ass.


Susan said...

I had a calf issue earlier this summer and went flying into a panic mode. But lots of easy stretches, ice, and massage has kept it at bay. The stretches (easy before and longer after) really do the trick. Good luck....

Lara said...

I second the stretching and icing, and take your short runs easy this week - run them more at your long run pace. I am good at having freak-outs at every little ache and pain.

Thank you for your first paragraph. I didn't even post about my long run this week because I actually felt guilty doing so. But the things you said are true and it helped me balance my perspective.

You were so born to run! :)

Wil said...

Thanks for posting about things down south, I'm glad to see that at least some good news is coming to those folks, supplies, etc. It's good to see those humanitarian things on the news - along with posts like yours that gather our thoughts for those folks, it makes it seem that things are getting at least a little better.

And my kick in the teeth, well, hardly compares to the suffering of those others, but thank you so much for the support. Definitely made me feel better about the whole thing!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the nice words. I love your blog makover too.

Regarding this week, you know me and the elliptical, it's a love/hate relationship, but I'm a firm believer in cross-training for aches and pains. Then again, what do I know?

Heck, I may elliptical train through at least one run this week myself. Nothing wrong with that. Otherwise, I agree about running your short runs at your long run pace.

a.maria said...

hey, good job on the 10 mile run, slow pace or not, you got out there and DID IT.

hope your calf starts to feeling better... i'm uh, yeah, no expert on injury, so i'll let the actual runners lend advice...

have a great rest of your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi! thanks for your comment! :-) I'm glad I found your journal, I'll be following your progress from now on... You're doing so great! :-D
Isn't it weird getting the chills when it's hot? I was weirded out by that one :-/

David said...

If you want the calf to feel better then cut your mid week stuff in half and let the calf think it's resting. It worked for me. Ice is always good as is the stretching Susan recommended.