Friday, September 09, 2005

What You Can Do When You Are Not Running 23 Miles Tomorrow

1. Stay up as late as you want watching trash TV!!! (In progress.)
2. Sleep in. (Will work on in morning.)
3. Read mystery novels all night. (Starting ... right ... now.)
4. Eat mounds of ice cream to soothe very angry psyche. (Done.)
5. Worry self sick about gaining gazillions of pounds of weight. (See #4.)
6. Do errands--lots and lots of errands! (Hmmmm.)
7. Wonder what errands I used to do on Saturday mornings in the Time Before Running? (Wracking brain ...)
8. Clean closets out! (Now you're hallucinating.)
9. Get self organized! (ha ha ha ha ha)
10. Read 10,000 running blogs and advice columnists. (Not very original.)
11. Get ready for 10:15 appointment on Monday (Eastern Time, please set your watches accordingly) with sports medicine center. (Bring both pairs of running shoes and both sets of orthotics. Like that's gonna help.)
12. Worry. (In progress.)
13. Pop in at work over weekend just to tidy up. (Will give me head start on week!)
14. It's not like I don't have a life or anything. (No, really!)
15. Go to movies Saturday night because I won't be limping or hobbling. (Slim comfort.)
16. Read newspaper cover to cover, lolling on porch and sipping decaf. (Oooh, now we're talking! That will take, oh, approximately three hours.)
17. I really should have volunteered to man a water stop tomorrow morning--ah, too depressing. (I'm so all about me.)
18. Take all recyclables downstairs and put in proper bins! (Like running on Saturday would have kept you from doing this?)
19. Pick up clothes left at drycleaner several weeks ago. (Um, this also has nothing to do with not running 23 miles, Jeanne, just so you know.)
20. Paint decrepit table left out on porch that I stole from garbage heap last year. (You only have about six extra hours you know, not 60.)
21. Poop. (Come on, you know you were just waiting for me to say that.)

And there you have it. The top 20 21 Things You Can Do When You Are Not Running 23 Miles. Feel free to borrow.


21st Century Mom said...

I'm sorry you can't run but I'm really happy about #11 - way to go!

I'm sure these people will get you back out on the trail as soon as possible!

susie said...

I can so relate to #4. But then I have problems with #21!

Lara said...

Wow, I'm not running 23 miles today either - you've given me a whole new perspective on all I could accomplish (but won't).

I know it's ridiculous for me to say 'try not to worry' but seriously, it won't help and it will waste alot of energy. Go to that movie or hang out with some friends. Let Monday worry about Monday. I'm thinkin' of ya!

a.maria said...

in total "i'm about to run 20 miles tomorrow i can eat whatever the #$%&*@ i want" style, i did number 4 (except with cookies) all night last night (while also doing #5 but not enough to actually stop me from re-doing #4!).

then this morning around mile i dunno... 17 or something, i decided i'd probably burned off all those cookies, so i came home and am already eyeing them AGAIN.

needless to say my life revolves around #5.

anyway. i vote for #15 (i can never say no to movie night!)

you'll be back out there soon though, the doc visit should help speed your recovery!
i'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya! enjoy your non-hobbling around day! :)

(this is totally random, but is NOD still rowing?!)

jeanne said...

a., you really are amazing!! Congrats, I can't wait to hear all about your 20 miler!! You are so THERE, girl!! Hope you get a nice long nap in today.

NOD decided to do the fall season (you are so nice to ask!), but she is pretty sure she doesn't want to do the winter (horrifyingly hard on the rowing machine of death) or spring (fun, but races EVERY weekend, so no partying AT ALL, which personally I am in favor of, but no better than to say so... and hey, it's not my life, it's hers!) season.

he is getting up her nerve to tell her coach, who is like a father figure to her. Once you are done with all this marathon stuff, you should totally look into rowing, you will LOVE it!

I'm hanging in there, pissed as heck. I cannot get the image of our friend Steph doing 3 hours on the freakin' elliptical machine! I did 35 minutes last night and thought it would kill me!!

jeanne said...

p.s.omg, could i make any more typing errors? no=know, he=she.

a.maria said...

LOL. love that you ps'd the typing erros.

Stephanie said...

Again, weighing in late here, but you do the ellipitcal in the same way you would run, slow and steady. :) It's hard, but you can do it! I love this list.

Bex said...

I love #2 - did that today (Sunday). And I love #3 even more - utter bliss, esp. reading them outside on the deck and/or with a cup of double espresso over ice. Caffeine addict here, if you didn't know already. As for #8 and #9 ... well, I aspire to that.

Bex said...

By the way, how did you add the "word verification" for comments? I'm starting to get ton o' spam, and would love to add this feature to block those damn spammers. Thanks.

David said...

I indulge in #16 to make sure that #13 never happens and so I can continue my pursuit of #14.
#2 and #4 are luxuries I relish not often enough. Like you, bottom line, I'd rather be running.
Good luck with whatever happens after 1015 Monday.
...and, like Bex, I want to know too. How do you do that?

jeanne said...

ha ha, you guys make me laugh through my pain ...
Thanks steph for the elliptical instructions. I'm gonna set that machine on fire one day ... literally.

The "word verification" option can be found on the Settings | Comments tab for your blog. Where you write your entries, there are four tabs, choose "settings" then "comments"; fifth question down is "Show word verification for comments?" Pick yes. Save and republish.
Voila! Spam be gone!

Stephanie said...

Also, Jeanne, don't set the resistance very high when you are cross training through an injury, or so I've read. I keep the resistance at about 3 for long work outs.

jeanne said...

Thanks Stephanie, that's one thing I've been doing wrong--in addition to trying to go fast. I will give it another try (though i'll still hate it!!!)

O said...

So how'd the list go? How many did you get checked off? How about #21. I had a virtual running partner once who was oler say that one of the benfits for him was that it helped him stay regular...

Anyhow, hope you don't go too tapernutty--is you next long run in two weeks?

BigRedYamaha said...

You are so right about the hobbling. After my longest-ever runs I can hardly make it up the stairs (it's like my entire day is done).