Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Bells Are Ringing ... *

Remember me?

The one not with the meniscus tear but maybe ITB syndrome, but I don't really think so?

No running for this gal this week. Instead, I'm mounting the beloved elliptical machine daily, trying to get the cardio in without doing in the leg. So today, I went 3.25 miles in 50 minutes. I'm telling you, one of these days, I'm actually going to end up somewhere. Yesterday, did 45 minutes. Tomorrow, another 50 minutes. ...and then Saturday? Oh, 26 mile run. With the lovely Cho-Pat® knee brace.

In the meantime, as a backup, I've developed a new passion:
hand-bell ringing. So it's pretty much official now: I'm a nerd. I had lesson number two tonight. We played My Country 'Tis of Thee, and She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain. Real hand-bell ringing crowd pleasers. Now I just have to learn chords, notes, keys, how to read music, oh and how to ring bells (it's not as easy as it looks), and I'll soon be playing Bach cantatas. I should be ready for my debut in a few years. And it sure beats fighting with Doubleclick code for six hours straight (that would be at work today).

Still, it's always good to have a fallback plan, as your mothers all taught you. My mother told me I could always be a secretary if I learned how to type. And for once, I took her advice. I have to say, if there is ONE skill I learned in high school that I use every single day of my life, including right this minute, it's typing!! Mothers know best. Of course, there are no more secretaries. But still.

Anywho, if I tank at this running thing, watch for my new blog: "Not Born to Ring."

So, I'm just checkin' in. This entry is really lame, kind of like my leg. Ha. I'm just very busy trying not to think about What Lies Ahead.

*Words by Edgar Leslie and E. Ray Goetz, music by George W. Meyer 1917. Recorded by Judy Garland, and even Dean Martin. Caution: Click here at your own risk. High annoyance factor.


a.maria said...

no. no,no,no,no.

why no?! because its too much.

my parents are both in the bell choir at my church. !!!!

wow and wow. too much i tell ya. i swear we're related some how.

but enjoy it. my mom LOVES it. and i love knowing that she loves it... so, again, enjoy!

jeanne said...

Oh my god, I cannot be YOUR mother!!! OK, I'll be your cousin, but that's as far as I'm going. I'm too young!!! (Wait: I am a parent.)

You are hilarious. That actually made me laugh out loud.

And how in hell do you comment like the second after I hit the publish button?

Ah, maybe I had twins and they took you away before I knew it. Just don't be telling me next that they are episcopalians. I'm just saying.

Jack said...

Gee, I'm turning 50 in a few years, can you play at my birthday party ;-) If you can learn to play with bells on your feet too you can qualify it as an arobic exercise. I actually saw a pair playing at a music festival with bells fastened to various parts of their body - they were good - what a workout!

a.maria said...

omg. omg omg omg omg. we ARE episcopalians. i even play (used to play) my flute for easter/xmas services...

OMG. who ARE you?!!!!!!!

(as for commenting.. girl. by now, don't you know. i just know when you have a new post. its eerie!)

jeanne said...

a. stop it, you are freakin' me out!!!

jack: I don't think you're going to want me playing anything at your 50th party (thanks for the invite, btw!) except maybe trivial pursuit! ha!

Bex said...

Hello from a fellow handbell geek. I was in MY church handbell choir (mix of kids and adults) when I was in junior high. At our first performance in front of the whole church, the first song went fine. Just peachy. I had 4-5 handbells. Then, as we were getting ready to start the second song I accidentally banged two handbells together. CLANG! The sound echoed in the sanctuary. Then I said, in a stage whisper, "Holy Shit!"

That was my only season with the handbell choir.

jeanne said...

Bex, that also made me laugh out loud. What is it with running and handbells? A new connection has been made! Hey, at least you said "holy" prior to saying "shit." You were in church, so highly appropriate.

jez said...

"Not Born to Ring"
That's hilarious!

Noames said...

wow. I canNOT believe how many handbell geeks there are out there. I read that entry, and I kept waiting for the "just kidding! you don't think I'd actually learn how to play handbells, do you?" But no luck.

Ah well, make pretty music.

Oh, and good luck on that little mini-marathon thing you're doing tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you! (Doesn't it sound much easier when I call it a "mini-marathon"?)

RYAN said...

Sooooo ... handbells. I bet you meet a lot of hot guys that way, hunh? Isn't that the real angle here? Working the church angle? Sure ya are ... you sly devil, you. Keep that up, though. Ya never know. If those whole "computer" and "journalism" fads faze out, you'll have a back-up skill. So. Yeah. That's a plus.

jeanne said...

R: There are three little old ladies learning handbells with me. Which is better than what I expected, which was 10 4th graders. So yeah, not exactly a pick-up joint. Don't I just wish! I'm working on the back-up skills. I got the 26-mile run thing down now. Surely someone will pay me for that. right? right????

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