Monday, April 02, 2012

Back to the Future

Since we last spoke, I did something like this:

Thursday, walk/run 2 miles (45 second run /1 minute walk)

Saturday, walk/run 2.5 miles (45 second run / 1 minute walk)

Sunday, Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!!! Yay!!!

Monday, swim 600 meters

Race recap:

Settle down. I was only spectating while NOD's (for the uninitiated, that's Number One Daughter's) boyfriend ran under someone else's number. Out of 20,000 runners he came in 3200, bringing it home in 1:20.

Going to this race a spectator brought it all back for me. I was kind of bummed out just to be watching. I vividly remembered my two tries at this race—and it made me nostalgic!

Although, it was once again was confirmed for me that spectating is not for the weak.

Number One Boyfriend and I got up at 6 a.m. Sunday morning and rode bikes down to the Washington Monument where the race started. (That felt oddly familiar. And wrong! So very very wrong!) It was cold -- 44F. But thinking hey, it's April, we counted on things warming up, so dressed lightly. That was wrong! So very very wrong!

Cuz it turns out that when you ride a bike downhill? It makes everything colder!

Who knew??

Number One Daughter, and moi --both cold. Very very cold!

The joggler—still joggling!

I never thought I'd utter these words, but it's true: I miss running!