Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nine Point Five

My official marathon training with the DC Road Runners starts next Saturday, June 10. DCRR suggests that, before joining its marathon program, "runners should be able to complete a 10-mile run with weekly mileage of 25 miles per week."

Well, I'm not quite hitting the 25-miles-per-week mark, and I've only run 10 miles once, but Max, the guy who runs the program, said it would be good if I could get in at least an 8-mile run by next Saturday.

So of course that meant I had to run 10 miles today, not eight. Because if you're going to run four miles and turn around, well, why not run five? This is how I think.

I got up at 6:00; Number One Daughter was also headed out early, laden with homemade cookies, to Camden, New Jersey, to see the BF compete in the IRA Nationals, the "oldest collegiate rowing championship in the United States." It took the same amount of time for her to drive from D.C. to Camden as it took me to run 9.5 miles. Something about that is not right.

I ran on the Capital Crescent trail, which was largely empty for the first hour, then taken over by Team in Training. I didn't mind, it was nice to have company on this dreary, coolish, drizzly day.

When I got to 4.5 miles, the bargaining began. "Nine miles is perfectly reasonable. Jumping from seven to nine in one week is much smarter than jumping from seven to 10." Yes, it is. So I turned and headed back.

Aside from my heart racing for the first four miles, I felt fine. I knew I had a blister developing on the bottom of my right foot (yes, new place, thanks to new shoes). I had been trying to put it out of my mind, but I guess it bothered me more than I realized, because:

Right around mile five, someone running in the opposite direction stopped suddenly and said "Are you Jeanne? The one with the blog?" Wow!!! This is what being famous must be like! I said yes, and asked who she was and she said "annonymous" mostly, but turns out her name is Karen (yes, Karen, you have been OUTED!!!). I asked how did she recognize me, and she was too polite to say, well, you wear the exact same outfit in every photo, so it wasn't hard. Then, I'm pretty sure K. said something about how she actually likes reading this thing.

And what did I say back to her? Did I say, awww thanks? No, because that would be normal. What I actually said was something like this: "Well, it's funny you should say that, because I was just this minute thinking maybe I could stop running entirely and just shut down the blog."


Anonymous K. looked slightly stricken, until I said no, no I'm just kidding!! har-de-har. K. was quickly on her way after that.

So I ask you, people: What the HELL is wrong with me? Why is there absolutely no filter between what I'm thinking and what comes outta my mouth??


So K., if you're still reading this (although why would you be, really?) what I meant to say was: Hey, thanks for reading and for saying hi, and especially for saying something nice!

Because my next thought after your nice comment was: Hey, this running thing is great!! And (of course), I can't wait to blog this!

Here are the stats on today's run:
1: 11:31
2: 11:22
3: 11:03
4: 11:15
5: 12:09 (water and my fan club—K.—stopping to talk)
6: 11:04
7: 11:45 (water stop)
8: 11:56 (right foot is busy bursting into flames)
9: 10:46 (bring it on home, sistah!)

And if you can run nine miles, you can surely run at least 1/2 mile more, foot afire or not, so:

.5: 5:34

Total time for 9.5 miles: 1:48:31, avg: 11:25 min/miles.

And K., don't be afraid to say hi again next time. I swear I'm normal. No, really.


21st Century Mom said...

Excellent job on the run and it's damn good thing you don't listen to me or you'd still be in bed eating bon bons. Good time!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

hey you're a celebrity!

"Because if you're going to run four miles and turn around, well, why not run five?" That's how I get extra miles all the time - Johnny said it to me once, and it stuck. Smart man.

David said...

Wow. Recognized in public! That's status, Baby.
Actually, I think somebody recognized me this morning running ona trail in the woods. They said something about running away from last weeks' fiasco at work - only a coworker could know me.
Anyway, you are well on your way to start that training club. Good for you. I am still haggling with myself about the Galloway plan. I like the 4-day running gig but it's not anything more than 6 miles so far.

LeahC said...

I am so jealous that you were recognized! I always look at people along the lakefront here in hopes they know who I am....I am guessing I stare them down and scare them so even if they did recognize me don't want to say hello to the crazy girl with the staring problem....oh well. um..hello, nice job on the last mile! It was your fastest. I love when my last miles are fast.

Dori said...

Ha! I like to read your posts because you keep it real. I think that's great to be recognized--I'm still having problems getting friends and running club members to actually read my blog. I'll bet K looked to see if you wrote about her. Maybe if I promise to write about my friends, they would visit my blog.

Dori said...

Oh yeah, good job on the 9.5. You're so ready.

nancytoby said...

lol! No runner should expect rational expressions from another runner who is so obviously deep into the Bite Me Zone.

jeanne said...

good one, NT!
and Dori: heavens to betsy, I try to keep my blog away from my friends and running club. :)

neese said...

i stopped by to get the Eggo list, and read todays entry and MUST bookmark your blog! great run and funny story about being recognized! i think "karen" will understand! too funny! great 9.5'er!

happy running!

Bob said...

Great run Jeanne! You know I get the impression you are one tough hombre and run through alot of little aches and pains, hats off to you girl. Good luck with the training, I start "the plan" the week after next.

Running by.... said...

I echo Bob--Great Run. I honestly can't imagine running with blisters (especially the ones I've seen you post). I can be such a wimp.

You've reached "celebrity" status...that is very cool!

Donald said...

Hey, you're famous! I think a lot of bloggers secretly dream of an exchange like the one you described. Nice job with the race.

Thanks also for the spelling bee link - I loved it!

GraceD said...

yay! recognized for your internet fame! i'm really impressed.

so, i think you ran these miles well. slow, sensible, easy. i'm impressed with this, too.

happy running!

Nic said...

Hi Jeanne! Yeah, it was a really rough day. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I miss running in DC so much sometimes! Good luck with the Road Runners!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

oh my! K. is gone forever ...

Caren said...

Well now I feel famous! All I could think of after I saw you was "oh God - did I mispronounce her name?!" I always read your blog - I have it bookmarked both at home and at work (shhhh) and enjoy all that you have to say. I thought I might run into you at some point since you live and run in the area, and I'm so pleased I recognized you. And it's not because you wear the same outfit! Not sure why I recognized you, but I think it's that star aura that celebrities emit. And you know what? It was brutally humid that morning so even more props to your 9.5-miler. Good luck with your marathon training and maybe I'll see you again on the CCT. Next time I'll get your autograph!

robtherunner said...

Nice job on the 9.5 miles Jeanne. You are a famous blogger now. Do you feel pressured to be more polite now the next time someone recognizes you? I can't wait to follow you along on your marathon training.

JustJunebug said...

woohoo and so it begins!! way to go!!

Stephanie said...

Wow, I hope you are carrying pepper spray, Ms. Jeanne. While there are lovely fans out there, (hi, Caren, this next part absolutely does not apply to you) there can also be freaks.
The girl who bought pepper spray bottle # 2 yesterday (bottle #1 fell off running belt during Marathon #1 last training run)

Bolder said...

my worse nightmare... someone recognizing me from my blog.

especially a young hawt CU college coed... hope springs eternal.

ok, i believe you, you understand pace.

a.maria said...

you were on FIRE!!!!!! great job on the run m'dear...

fame and celebrity suits you!

Bex said...

Hello from Lake Tahoe. Did you make it to this evening's marathon training progrm meet-up? And doesn't Max sound like a slave driver?! Uh, in a good way, of course ....

Rae said...

How awesome!! You're a celebrity!! That's great. I LOVE reading your blog and you can never go on hiatus!!

Anonymous said...

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