Sunday, June 05, 2005

Buying New Socks Rocks

There is something wrong with a person when buying new socks is the highlight of said person's day.

But it was.

But not just any socks. These are made by small elves in a faraway place. They were $8 a pair. They are "blister-free." Which really makes no sense, because most socks don't come with blisters.

While I was busy buying new socks, I went crazy and bought new running shoes too. I'm so excited. Because today I was told I have "rigid feet." Which apparently is a euphemism for "perfect feet." The shoe salesman told me I could run barefoot because my feet (arches in particular) were so perfect. He had me run, and said I ran completely straight. I think he said perfect again.

So I'm thinking of adding this fact to my resume. Since little else about me has ever been described as perfect. If ONLY we lived in a world where the design of one's foot determined who was a high-fashion model and who wasn't. I knew I was born in the wrong century. If I lived when showing a bit of ankle was considered sexy...well, things would be VERY different, now wouldn' they?

Maybe I'll run faster now, with my non-blistered socks and perfect arches. But I do think I will wear shoes.

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Anonymous said...


Perfect feet are a rare commodity in this imperfect world. It was disappointing that you didn't include some pics of yours. I believe this type of perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Let me tell you my idea of foot perfection and see how it compares with yours.
The perfect female foot starts with a reasonably small foot. Big feet are for men only! Next, they should be perfectly pedicured, clean and oh-so soft. High arches are a big plus. Some things which I see as necessary for the perfect foot are- short nails neatly trimmed and no nail polish. Light pink or silver/white are acceptable but red and dark colors are definitely OUT!
The final thing is something which only nature has a hand in. It can't be controlled by the foot owner. The perfect foot has small, short, tapered toes with the big toe being the longest and gradually tapering down in length. It is acceptable for the little toe to be shorter by comparison to the other toes in tapering but not by a lot.
I find long, thin toes disgusting especially if the second toe is longer than the big toe.
So, Jeanne, I don't know how your perfect feet compare with my idea of perfect feet because I haven't seen yours. I really would like to, though, as I haven't seen too many of them in my life. And, believe me, I have looked at thousands of them.