Thursday, September 21, 2006

And It's Jeanne in the Lead!

I. Am. Feeling. Good.

It takes very little to make me do the happy dance (good run? good bellringing? I'm good!); and very little to make me want to jump off a cliff (looked at me the wrong way? Kill me now!).

So yesterday was one of those days where the cliff looked alluring. But! I had a speed workout to do. And as you all know, nothing, but nothing, gets in the way of a speed workout. Not my moods. Not being tired. Nothing.

My highly unpaid coach Bex prescribed this:
1 mile warm-up
2 minutes hard/1 minute easy x 5
5 minute recovery
2 minutes hard/1 minute easy x 5
Slow recovery jog back.

So 10 repeats altogether. I told her, "Bex, that sounds easy!" She said, "No, it won't be."

Off I trotted. With on his podcast, talking specifically to me about mental training.

The good news: The minute I started this workout, work receeded into oblivion. In fact, work ceased to exist. What job?

More good news: I did the whole thing! I have no stats, except to say I ran my little heart out during those intervals.

Even (can you stand it?) more good news: I ran a total of five miles.

The numbers: I calculated my total running time, for five miles, as 43:30. Which equals 8:42 min/miles.

Now (you knew it was coming) the bad news: Five miles at 8:42 min/miles? My ass! (Jeanne, did you throw into your total mileage your warm-up mile? But forget to add in the time for it? Yes? Magic eightball says: try try again.)

Numbers redux: Ah. Warm-up mile. Remove. That would be four miles at 43:30, average 10:53 min/mile. Now that looks like a familiar number.

My Mood

I haven't written about it here, because I didn't want to give it traction, but for the past two to three weeks I have not been into this marathon. I have had major doubts about even wanting to continue. I've been going through the motions, but wondering why. I've told everyone: "This is my last marathon." Truly, it requires more of my life than I'm willing to give. Most of you can go out, drink, be social, and still find time to train. I can't. Wah wah wah. Poor me. But I'm sick of always singing the same song: "I can't go [fill in the blank]. I have to get to bed early."

Add to that my sinking conviction that the training plan I am following (which calls for long runs of 18, 20, 22, and nothing but 10 miles in between) is, I'm pretty sure, after many conversations with other runners, not so smart, and you can color me blue.

But, and I hate to be hasty, for some reason, last night's workout seemed to lift me outta my funk like a trailer-dweller who has just won the lottery (no offense to trailer dwellers). I am now eagerly anticipating Sunday's half. I am visualizing. I am relaxed. I am confident! I am woman!! I will finish in two 1/2 hours!!!



Laurie said...

Nice job on the speed work. I am glad to hear that it is helping you get out of your funk.

21st Century Mom said...

Sounds like your training is right on target - including 'the mood'. I felt that way,too. I find that I have to remind myself almost weekly that I do NOT want to do another marathon. But you know what? It will happen. I'm pretty sure of that.

Excellent speedwork! Hip, hip hooray for speed and for runners high.

susie said...

If you are like me, the closer I get to a race, the more I doubt myself. Good for you on the speedwork. Good for you on the attitude re-adjustment!! Can't wait to see you in two days:)

Anita said...

I totally get you on the what-am-I-doing-giving-up-my-life-to-train-for-a-goofy-marathon funk. I'm on the same page of the same book BUT all it takes is one amazing workout, one bit of encouragement from a fellow runner/walker and it's back into the bliss zone. Keep and your 2 1/2 hour marathon are destined to collide right up the road! It will be amaingly sweet to read about when it happens!

Anita said...

Make that 2 1/2 hour HALF-marathon!!!

Caren said...

That's exactly how I felt about MCM last year...didn't really care and was bored with the whole training thing. But here I am again! Nice job on the workout and good luck in the half. Should be a great race and I'm looking forward to it.

Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there! YOU CAN DO IT! I felt that same way last January. I have a lot of confidence this time around. I don't mind giving stuff. It just keeps more out of trouble. LOL!

Keep up the training.

Waterfall said...

Good for you! I was feeling really tired today and NOT in a running mood, but I had speed intervals scheduled, too ... and felt GREAT afterwards. The miles just seem to fly by. Weird, isn't it, how they can pick you right back up.

Good luck with the half!

Sherri said...

You'll do it, Jeanne. And you'll do it well. You're da' woman! And best of luck on Sunday!

Just12Finish said...

Me too. Can't wait for MCM. But I think we've past the mid point and we're in the 2nd half now. Almost there!

David said...

She'll be comin' round the mountain; when she comes.

There ain't no mountain high enough ....

Somehow, your post rang bells in my head to these lyrics above. There's nothing better than that downhill feeling at the end of a run/race. Imagine.

Thomas said...

Average pace on speed workouts isn't too revealing, and doesn't matter a jot. I bet you reached that 8:xx pace in the speedy parts though.

You can't judge the marathon feeling until you've crossed the finishing line. It's magic - even if only for the fact that it measn that you can finally stop moving.

And once you've forgotten your last marathon, you can sign up for the next one.

Bolder said...

you go gurl!

2.5 hours


*dials 911 and preschedules jeanne*


Elizabeth said...

You weren't kidding the other day about us feeling the same way about our training! Sing it, sister!

Hang in there... you're almost to the sweetness of the taper.

Good luck on the halfer this weekend. Looking forward to hearing all about it. : )

Rae said...

Great job with the speed training! And from everything you've told us your training group has been a bit nuts!! You are going to rock this half and then rock the full in a few weeks!!

Running by.... said...

I've had the same sort of motivation problem as you..Sometime you just need one good run. Good luck on your 1/2 and meeting your target!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job on the speed work. You seem so positive and it looks like your training is right on track.

LBTEPA said...

You're doing so well - imagine NOT being satisfied with a run/walk marathon and insisting on running the whole way! You're so brave.
blitz the half tomorrow then tell us all about it :)
btw wouldn't there be funks/ motivation ups and downs in any long-term project? why do we get more worried about it when it's a running goal?

neese said...

the miscalculated time thing is eyes would of been as big as saucers..

i think what you describe about doubts and the will to continue is normal... but it does go to show if you just keep on moving forward (advance confidently in the direction of your dreams) things will get better and you will no doubt reap great satisfaction (you will meet with success unexpected in common hours.).

best of luck on the half!!

me and henry david thoreau


a.maria said...

you WILL finish in 2.5 hours. i have no doubt, your running has been really strong lately.

what you're going thru, i think, its almost so normal its cliche... mid-training slump. don't wanna train. have great run, get re-enthused.

pretty much just means youre right on track, ya know?! rock the half tomorrow, woman. i can't wait to hear about it!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

MAJOR GL in the HM!!!!! You will rock it!

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

I feel the EXACT same way that you do. Thanks for posting that. I am sick of not being able to (enjoy) my week-ends with other stuff than running. My marathon is 3 weeks away and I can't wait for it to come and go.
I will re-evaluate after it to see if I want to continue race training or to just run for fun.

BTW - You're doing great!

TriSaraTops said...

Yahoo!!! Speedwork is, for me, some instant gratification. :) Sounds like it was just what ya needed!

RunnerGirl said...

Great speedwork! I think that I will try that out.

I am sorry that you are having a hard mental time with the Mary. I gave them up two years ago - I went through the same mental hardships, and for me figured out that it was just too much for me personally.

I wish you luck figuring out the mental aspect.

a.maria said...

soo.... how'd it go?!?!?!

Elizabeth said...

**waiting (im)patiently for your race report**

i hope it went well!