Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Color Is Your Water Bottle??

Stand back, I'm about to revitalize our sad economy: I'm buying a new water-bottle carrier.

I'm sick of mine. Sick, sick, sick of it!

(Who knew a water belt could garner so much passion??)

The problem with my current carrier, (which holds one-bottle at a rather jaunty angle in the rear) is that the bottle is always bouncing around, the velcro fastener never works right, and the zipper is broken. A trifecta of fail.

But possibly the worst sin of all: It really makes me look fat!

I've tried several makes of water bottle carriers. I'm not a fan of those multi-mini-bottle ones, you know, like this:

I'd rather not publicly identify the maker of the one I currently use, so as not to unintentionally offend anyone longing to send me some belts to test (FTC blogger review rules notwithstanding).

I've never tried a hand-held, but I have a feeling that would also make me crazy.

What I really need is a guy on a bike riding alongside me, handing me various things as I need them (water, gu, bandaids, sympathy, wine, cookies, etc.)

Until that happens, I need to find a fab water-belt carrier.

What we need is a water-beltoff.

What kind of fuel belt do you use, and why? Do you love yours? Why, or why not?

The comments are open!


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I have the 6 bottle fuel belt and I love it. No bounce at all, and it has a little pouch for gels or car keys. Just make sure you get the right size and you will be good to go.

LBTEPA said...

The one I use is the old version of this one
I wear it with the bottle at the front though - I tried it on the back but it gave me the s#$%s in a big way.
I love it - a large-ish bottle with a wide neck so I can top it upfrom water stations in races, a clip so it doesn't fall out, a pocket big enough for money/mobile ph/gels - and mine is RED too.
I don't want to think about whether it makes me look fat though - heck, I'm sweating in stretchy materials, I don't need to worry about that as well!

eileen said...

Oh, give me a few hours to stop laughing about the "rather jaunty angle". You are hysterical!
Personally, I run completely dehydrated. No water bottles or belts for this old gal!

Rainmaker said...

I used to do the fuel belt thing as well, but just don't like the feeling. Btw, I didn't even know they made 8-bottles ones now - holy cow.

Now I use a simple Camelback (the one named Fairfax). Btw, Don from running and Rambling (just search that title) has some awesome reviews of a bunch of hydration options, including the Nathan ones that LBETPA noted.

FMRC WS-100 Aid Station said...

I use a hand held because I can't stand the belts. If I were to get one I'd probably get an Amphipod because they are very versatile.

Don did do a bang up job with his reviews. I wonder if he knows about the FTC thing? He's moved on to shoes.

21stCenturyMom said...

that was my alter ego talking, btw

Mike Fox said...

I use the AmphiPod RunLite. Bottles can be moved around the belt (but they always seem to gravitate to particular areas when I'm running, so that's where they stay).

I like it - but of course I would rather run without it!

Jack said...

I've tried a lot of different belts over the miles, a one bottle system that sits at a 45° angle is the most comfortable for me. Most of the time though I wear my CamelBak backpack, by far superior in comfort, and I can carry a rain jacket and up to 3 liters of water and food for those realllly long runs.

Jack said...

You might want to read this review:

Runner Susan said...

i hate water belts. hate them. they ALL make me chafe. i find a five mile loop and leave a cooler on the side of the road and drink as i pass

Anne said...

I used to have the same belt you did and had the same issue, including image issues. I've since converted to using a Nathan handheld and love it. It has a pocket for your keys, gu, whatever. The downside is during cold months it can make your hands cold.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the 6 bottle fuel belt - that said, mine is currently too big so it bounces (well, it used to be too big - after 8 weeks off it probably fits fine. sigh).
I would, however, recommend against a hand held unless you intend to switch hands regularly as you run - otherwise your gait may be affected. No joke.
Happy running, Meanne-Jeanne

Lesser is More said...

I have the 6 bottle belt, but have never carried more than 4, even in marathon training. Not sure why anyone needs to carry that much water at once. There are these amazing things called "water fountains" or "convenience stores" that allow you to refill your water bottles when you run low.

That said, I'd prefer to not have to wear it on long runs, but it really doesn't bother me much. I've tried Camelbacks, but didn't like the feeling on my upper body. The newer Fuel Belts have gotten much better at displacing the weight evenly and I've never had any chafing issues.

Maybe you can buy one to "try it out" and return it if it is no good?

Janice said...

I have tried a few. I had a carrier similar to the one you describe your using now, a 4 bottle fuel belt, a hand held and a camelbak (designed for women). I think the best way to address this would be to have someone ride near you and hand off water or the bev of your choice. Since that is really not practical, the helium fuel belts seem a lot lighter. The plus there is you can mix between water and another drink choice. The down side is the fact that your wearing this belt packed with water bottles. I like the camelbak but it tends to bug my shoulder when it is hot out/chafing no matter how I seem to adjust it. I attempted the hand held but it just annoyed me to no end. Try a few on and see what you think. I think in the end I am still a fuel belt fan but only on longer runs or in realy hot weather. Good luck!

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, I have both a 4-bottle Fuel Belt and a Camelbak but love them for different reasons. I like the FB because it's much lighter and can be refilled easily if the bottles go empty (I use one to four 10oz bottles, not the little 7 oz ones that came with it). The Camelbak, however, allows me to go MUCH further w/o refilling, like nearly double the distance (72 oz vs. 40 oz). Plus, it's so easy to drink from (straw right near my mouth!) and weighs a LOT more, which means I drink more to try to get it to weigh less. For shorter runs and races, however, I usually stick with my Fuel Belt.

Dori said...

Great title! I have a Nathan water belt. It holds four 10 oz bottles, unlike the Fuel Belt bottles which only hold 8 oz. I like to wear it below my non-existant waist; less bounce. The bottles are easy to slip in and out of the holster.

I've considered the Amphipod but haven't tried it yet. A friend keeps losing her bottles, but that just may be a learning curve.

Michelle from Back of the Pack wears a lighter weight Camel Bak. She runs marathons with it and doesn't have to stop at the water stations.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually wear a belt. If I am going to bring water with me, then I just carry it. Nice blog :)

Danielle said...

I eagerly await the results of this poll! I have bouncing problems but it never occurred to me to think about if it makes me look fat. This is a very important point...


Judi said...

i don't use one. i usually stop at a store for water.

Petraruns said...

Well I'm going to mess up this blogpost by using it to comment on all the blogposts I've missed while I'm away:
- I already told you the true answer to this question on FB. It's a SMALL camelbak which fits around your waist and into the small of your back. Trust me.
- re the apartment - oh I think I commented there already - but they were clearly TOTAL fools turning you down.
- re procrastination - that's me girlfriend!

OK all caught up now. Next post please?

Vickie said...

I pretty much wish the same thing for race support, however, since that's not allowed, I'm on my own. I also pretty much hate all water bottle carries (and I have 4 sitting around unused except once), but can deal with the Nathan hand held one the most. That only goes for 2 hours. After that, its out and back loops. I have been known to throw the water bottle carrier in a ditch and come back later to get it I get so sick of them. I'll be waiting to hear results.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I don't have much to add just want to comment! :)
I have a belt similar to yours with the jaunty angle. I hate it, but I've used it out of necessity. I hate the feeling of anything around my waist including race belts when running. I can't imagine running with a camelbak.

Jade Lady said...

Tho I luv the idea of a hunky guy like Matthew M handing me water as I need it, I make due w/ a plain 'ol water bottle on the back of a belt - the 45 degree angle thingie.

eileen said...

Regarding the apartment: As Woody Allen said in Annie Hall, "I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member." Does that help in any way, whatsoever?
But, seriously, they did you a favor. They were going to be living upstairs, right? Oy vey, who needs that!