Monday, June 25, 2007

Sit Down, You're Not Going to Believe This

People go out on Friday nights.

It's true.

I saw it for myself when I went to my first concert in (cough ahem) years, to see this fellow:
(my crush, Richard Thompson, who if you don't know him, you totally should )

He rocked the 9:30 Club in D.C. My ears are still ringing, but in a good way. And there were actually people there, proving that I am not a remnant of a very rare and faraway breed.

Who knew?

That's the latest I've stayed up in a long long time, and Number One Daughter was shocked. Shocked I tell you. She is now encouraged that I might actually have a life.

Which life will no doubt end when I start the 10-Mile Training Program with DCRR on July 14, which I've been asked to help coordinate. (It takes some people several times before the depths of my incompetency become fully apparent. In other words some people never learn.)

But for a few hours there, I was a groovy hot mama, bopping along to protest songs and love ballads, and screaming like I was at a Beatles' concert. In 1964.

And then, I woke up.

And went on a 4-mile run Sunday night. (OK, I did some stuff between the concert and the run. Poetic license, people.) This week I waited 'til it was practically dark to avoid the heat and humidity. I had a lovely offer to run with someone on Sunday morning, but (cue Chariots of Fire) I have this little commitment every Sunday morning, which tends to last a long time since I volunteer for this and that, so had to turn the offer down. Which kind of sucks because had someone run with me, this run would have gone

... down like a warm butter pad on toast. I swear. We'll talk, and run, and before you know it the Giant will be in our sights again and we'll be done. I swear. Maybe 55 minutes.
I ask you: what kind of MORON turns down an offer like that?!?! The man said it would be like buttah!

Instead, I went out for my long run on Sunday night with the humidity hovering around 120 percent. (I don't care if that is scientifically impossible. You live in D.C. and tell me all about it.)

And this happened:

mile 1: 11:14
mile 2: 11:13
mile 3: 11:42
mile 4: 11:41
45:51 (11:27/mile)

It's discouraging. That's all I'll say.

No, wait, I'll say more.

This is the start of week five of my "Return to Running" (soon to be a major motion picture) and I'm supposed to be throwing down 9:30 minute miles by now. What the hell happened?

Someone keeps assuring me that "less is more" and that I'm "building a base," and "quality over quantity," and that I am doing "great," etc. Thank God for this encouragement, because I'm getting fed up.

I have my first 5k on July 4 (well, my first since the "Return to Running"). It's not gonna be pretty, but I'm going to run that thing if I have to have someone drag me across the finish line.

But let's all take a deep breath and remember that whatever I lack in talent and ability, I make up for in stubbornness. (Or stupidity. Take your pick. They both start with the same letters.) So I'm going to get there, as God is my witness, if it TAKES ME THE REST OF MY FREAKIN' LIFE.

Amen, halleluiah.


Just12Finish said...

What's a concert?

LBTEPA said...

"supposed to"???
Whose arbitrary time schedule was that? You're running tired, you're running in the heat, you're running stressed. And yet.... you're still out there running! Celebrate, Jeanne! The way we celebrate you!
Act as if you're proud of yourself (the way we are of you), it might take!
(I could have just written geez mate snap out of it but that wouldn't have been kind LOL)

LBTEPA said...

BTW a) I don't believe you about people going out on Friday nights and
b) you will BLITZ that 5km next week.


IHateToast said...



you have a crush on someone who wears a beret?


does he, you know... wear that in your... you know... those kind of dreams? where you're nakey nakey on a bed of icy hot?

Nancy Toby said...

I don't believe in 9:30 clubs or 9:30 miles. I'm just sayin'....

Thomas said...

1) Nah, less is less. More is more. Don't believe them. They just want to make you feel better.

2) He rocked the 9:30 club? I can't help but think that he must have run at least 9:20 pace to do that.

(My brain is on a one-track mind. It's not even funny. I apologise. Again)

Mark I. said...

I really enjoyed this post but I don't believe you on the "people go out on Friday night" part. I mean, I have vague pre-family re-collections but that's it.

21stCenturyMom said...

Firstly I am really jealous that you went to a Richard Thompson concert - love him!

Secondly - what is this hoo-ha about 9:30 miles? Since when? For the love of God, girl you just got back to running and there was a time when an 11:30 miles was your most awesome accomplishment ever so WHY ARE YOU ENGAGING IN SELF SABOTAGE? Geez... get over it, keep running and be realistic so that you ENJOY yourself instead of wallowing in a pool of virtual blood you generate via endless self flagellation. I mean really. STOP IT!

a.maria said...

i have no idea who that dude is. however, i'm on week 3 of my half-mary plan, and i'm supposed to be throwing down 10 minute miles. its not going so well.

i say we start our own 11 minute mile club.

we'll be way cooler than the rest. i swear!

Phoenix said...

Way back in November when I started this crazy ass "training thing" I was running twelve minute miles. And above. Things have improved significantly and they will for you to.

Base. Mileage.

That said - GIRL, you ran 4 miles!! In the heat!! And like 200% humidity! And post concert - probably all dehydrated and hung over and stuff! YOU ROCK!!!

And, you're Episcopal?!?! Me too! But, I'm not good like you. I haven't been in a long while. That's probably why I said "ass" up there. I wouldn't say things like "ass" if I was going to mass every Sunday. Pray for me.

RB said...

Thompson? I do not know this man. I must say, though, that beret .... sex'ay!

Neese said...

sorry i gotta stop using those bad words lol -- lets try again i'll join that 11mm club! it's a bit*h to do anything under that!

David said...

I can only wonder why someone is mentioned about nineteen times in the scorching hot and humid ramblings of your post.
Oh and you ran again. Go back to a similar time in your running fitness life and find the equivalent 5K race time and set a goal of beating it.
We'll sit back and applaud.

L*I*S*A said...

I would consider those split times to be pretty darned good. I know you've heard it umpteen million times, but the speed will come.

A concert sounds good right about now.

peter said...

Look at that double set of negative splits you threw down. Cool! David is absolutely right. Set a 32:41 goal at the 2007 7/4 CAN 5K (actually 32:13 heh heh) and we'll get 'er done. You'll see. Just like buttah on that hot muggy morning on that hilly winding course.

Who's the old guy?

Rae said...

You mean there are places to go BESIDES Home Depot on a Friday night?? You're a maniac. =)