Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Secret Life

"D.C. Hears Our Cries, Plans for Bicycle Rental Program"
—(from DCist)

Did you know I dream about being a biker? It's true, I do.

Just last night I was very busy bitching to someone about how I don't have the dough for a bike (right now) and then voila (or is it viola?), ta da, maybe someone waived a magic helmet or something, because today I read this (cynically, but with a smidge of hope):
DDOT has announced that it will be launching an automated bicycle rental system in DC in partnership with Clear Channel. Similar to car sharing, the system would allow members to swipe a card and release a bike from a kiosk (DDOT says to think of it as kind of like an airport luggage carts -- but better).

Yeah, we know, Clear Channel is the devil, blah blah but come on, rental bikes! That work like Zipcars! Sounds pretty neat. This sort of arrangement would also do little to offer bikes to tourists, since you'd have to have an account set up to be able to rent one, but if the pricing structure makes sense and they're put in good locations around town, there's more than a few of us who would consider using them.
Tourists? Who cares about tourists?!?!

Yes, I was very busy telling this person that, back in the day, I was quite the biker. In fact, I said, I biked all over Boston for all the years I lived there. Year-round. On itsy-bitsy teensy thin tires on my 10-speed Peugeot that i bought used. (Don't even start talking to me about granny gears—I was thrilled I had any gears.) I biked thru Nor'easters and wind that would freeze your eyeballs and blizzards (for real: how else to see the boyfriend? That a-hole!).

Wait, where was I?

Then I moved to Richmond, Va, where Number One (yes and only, David) Daughter was born. When she turned eight, I bought two bikes (on credit) for $700 and it was the most money I'd ever spent in my life. And then I dragged HER all over creation on family outings.

I even wrote about "Biking with Kids" for the local newspaper.

I was a biker babe!

And then they invented triathlon and I moved to D.C. and I think now I could maybe get a bike for $350 at Wal-Mart. Maybe kid size.

I should look into that.

ADDED: If you live in or around D.C., don't forget to take the survey!


21stCenturyMom said...

That is a very cool program. Pretend it is in effect now and save whatever the fee for it will be and put that toward a bike you own. Craigslist is your friend, by the way. Lots of people sell great bikes for great prices on Craisgslist. Just make sure you understand your fit first.

Neese said...

When I read "biker" i pictured you on a Harley. Not that, that is a bad image.

LBTEPA said...

Don't get a bike from Wal-mart (is that like KMart?) - not good quality = not safe enough for our Jeanne! Try for a good secondhand one - put up a notice at work or something? Surely some slothful type will have one in the garage they want to get rid of.
BTW my Noddie always has her helmet on at the correct angle!

Juls said...

I like the "mom's" advice. $ave now and ride sooner.

Phoenix said...

Yay for getting a bike!! I've become a bike lover - everywhere I see a bike, any bike, parked in a bike rack, leaning against the wall at Starbucks, it makes me smile.

Definately go for a good used. Check local cylist websites, there may be a section for people buying and selling bikes. I just got a great Schwinn for Hubby for $25. With a trainer and a computer. So, looking is worth it.

Happy biking!

warriorwoman said...

Hope you get that bike sheme - can't we all take the survey?

peter said...

I dislike bicyclists. Don't become one again, Jeanne. You're a runner, and the twain shall never meet. Bicyclists actually think giving an audible warning that they're passing is a sign of weakness. I remember a cocky bicyclist last summer on the CC Trail, obviously an important medical student to boot, saying loudly to his riding mate for our benefit, to remind him to have his myocardial infarction if he was ever moving as slowly as the runner he just passed. The heck with 'em. Are you RUNNING your four miles this weekend?

IHateToast said...

i want an electra with pink polka dots. if i can do hilly brisbane in 3 gears, i'll be cap'n quads!

you should get a bike with streamers.

Just12Finish said...

The local 5K this weekend gave away a bike catalog in the goodie bag from the local bike store, and I was stunned to see the prices on bikes, but worse on accesories, little useless stuff like helmets and shoes. Shoes! And they don't even touch the ground. What the hell good are those for!?