Sunday, June 17, 2007

Four Long Miserable Miles

It's already hot here in D.C. 90°F today, so I waited til 5 p.m. for my "long run." Didn't help. Still hot.

But before I commence bitching, run over to Little Miss Runner's and tell her WELL DONE on her very first triathlon!

And when you're done there, race over to Little Miss I Run for Hope and congratulate HER on her first 10k!

OK, enough about people skipping merrily around. Let's get back to me.

For four hellish miles I listened to the "Notes on Camp" episode of "This American Life," while endlessly bargaining with myself. You know the drill: "You can quit at 2.5. You've been doing 2.5 all week. OK, just make it to 3. Make it to 3.5. Stop whenever you want."

This running thing? It's not going so well. I'm digging the 2.5 miles every morning, but this long run stuff? Did I ever say I LIKED THIS?!? If I did, I'd like to know what drug I was taking at the time.

I wore my DC Road Runners t-shirt, cuz I like to make people laugh:

I'm the one that's getting used to that view (wait, that doesn't really make any sense, unless you're saying, jeanne, you've got your head up your ... nevermind):

mile 1: 10:46
mile 2: 10:46
mile 3: 11:19
mile 4: 11:31

Yeah, I'm 'sposed to be all happy I did it and I may not be fast, but I'm all persistent and stubborn as all get out and blah blah blah de blah.

Instead, my head hurts. And tomorrow is Monday. And funny, I didn't find the love of my life again this weekend. (He must be out of the country this week month year.)


Speaking of moods, here's a fun little toy. I know my mood (bad). But I'm all about the interactive internets. So play along! Find out how I make you feel. You make me feel: HAPPY!

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LBTEPA said...

(((((HUGE HUGS)))))

Anonymous said...

I wore the same cool shirt (that you designed) on my long run this weekend on the CC Trail and at least two runners said "I love your shirt" when they saw it. So it turns out to be a great conversation piece. Team In Training was there with scores of runners running from Fletcher's, embarking on their fourth weekend session getting ready for Marine Corps. What a dedicated bunch. They all have to raise $2K each, ouch! Some of them looked like they were starting out on a safari, with their French Foreign Legion hats with the neck protection and their huge backpacks (some with Water Camels) as they walked/jogged down the trail. So GREAT SHIRT, and your 4-mile time was GREAT too.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job on getting out there in this hot weather. It will come back to you why you enjoyed the long runs.

21stCenturyMom said...

That's correct - you did it - Yay you! so there.

IHateToast said...

why have anything on the back of one's shirt? i could never get the wedgies unwedged, because i know i have a mini-text and eyes would be looking.

i chose evil! ha!

Neese said...

Those are impressive stats for a "miserable 4 miles"! great shirt! :o)

Amy said...

I feel your pain with the heat. Anything over about 70 seems to hot for me and it hasn't been 70 here for a long time (at any time of the day!) Glad you got 4 in - I am sure it was worth it!

Phoenix said...

Even a slog makes us stronger. I hope the next one is better. And mom's right - you did it! Yay you!

Laurie said...

You're right, be happy you didn't give in to your desire to stop before you finished the full four miles.

Thanks for the plug! :)

Laufenweg said...'s HAWT here. omg! i just arrived at dulles yesterday. ...and was up early this morning and it was pretty cool before 7am. not exactly ALPINE!!