Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nutrition Smackdown! Quote of the Day! Other Stuff!

Phedip vs. BlogFather Smackdown

Complete Running is hosting a fascinating debate between Mark the Blogfather, and Steve Runner of Phedippidations podcast fame about marathon and long-run nutrition-ing (new word). Lots of weirdness goin' on over there.

Today's Quote

A year from now you will wish you had started today.
- Karen Lamb
No freakin' kidding! How about tomorrow. Tomorrow I will wish I'd started today.

Five Weird Things

OK, someone wanted to know five weird things about me.

1. I can't remember who though. I am horrible with real people and names, nevermind blog people! People. Have a heart.

2. I never ever ever ever buy or use paper towels. Or napkins. And when such things were part of Number One Daughter's life, diapers. Always cloth. Saving trees, and all that.

3. I must always be near an open window. Even in the dead of winter.

4. Except at work, where I don't actually have a window, so there I have a heater on at all times, even in the dead of summer.

5. I adore the clothes from the 40's and if I could get away with it, (which I can't, I'd just look weird), I would dress the part every day.

6. I totally hate that gloves for women went out of style. Did I mention I have a germ phobia?

7. Ditto hats. We should all be wearing hats. I luuurrrrrve hats.

8. So this is more a list about things I prefer, not actual weirdnesses.

9. Oh, here's one: I sleep in a crib. Sort of. OK, it's a daybed, twin-sized (what else?), but it has 3 walls. Add one more and well, it really would be a crib. But it's cozy!

10. Nothing tastes as good as soy yogurt with crumbled up graham crackers.

11. I refuse to pay $1.25 to use the dryer.

12. I take my oatmeal like a man—straight up, plain. Explains the hair on my chest.


21stCenturyMom said...

I think you would look adorable in 40s fashions with a hat and gloves. Try it - you could set a new trend or revive an old one.

David said...

... and you worry about me????

I am just a big tease. You have some tough habits to break there, Podner.

Danielle in Iowa said...

You are so weird you couldn't even stop at 5!

And I think people like you and your straight up oatmeal are just simply masochists.

Laurie said...

Good thing I didn't try to take a sip of your drink in DC, you would have glared me down with your germaphobic-ness!

Anonymous said...

I can think of a few more things that are weird about my mom, such as
1. She should create her own nudest colony--the woman loves to be naked, all the time.
2. She basically wants to marry a gay man who does not speak when she is reading the paper and is active and does not watch TV
3. She is just plain evil and likes to put her INSANO cold feet under your butt when sitting on the couch with me.
4. And this is not weird, just funny that she can create websites, figure out blogs, but cannot program a phone or figure out which button to press on a camera.

Love the mom!

Thomas said...

We need proof of the hair. Have you got a pho... er, no. Banish the thought!

IHateToast said...

i use papertowels from recycled materials for pet boo boos. otherwise, cloth.
but i'd advise anyone prepping for a colonoscopy to get over the eco thing for the day and get 2 rolls of pipe clogging t.p. or wipe down with a bunny.

do you love the thin man series?

Phoenix said...

That's not wierd! I'm with Mom, you should bring the '40's fashion back - you'd be a trendsetter!

Now, about the nudist colony . . .

Susan said...

LOL! And I love the comment by NOD!

peter said...

As I told you Jeanne, even the good Lord's list stopped at ten! How many more "preference" points are on the real list?

:AM said...

I have believed for some time now that no one dresses up anymore...I too luuurrrvvve hats and gloves...ladies who lunch...I always wanted to be a lady who 'lunched'..alas I have a potty mouth and hate to wear underwear.

Come visit the new Elle...http://www.angrymermaid.com.

Miss you

Dori said...

You're just an old-fashioned girl. :-)

I use cloth napkins, too, and even iron the damn things!

LBTEPA said...

Look at Dita Von Teese, she dresses all 40s and she's hot!
I am disturbed by your Noddie's comments though

Just12Finish said...

You also can't count to 5, weirdo!

Anne said...

I'm glad gloves went out of style 'cause I'm a bit of a germaphobe too and get the willies thinking of women who wear them into the bathroom and then want to shake your hand.