Saturday, August 27, 2005

I Can Bring Home the Tofu* ...

"... Fry it up in a pan And never let you forget you're a man 'Cuz I'm a woman -- W-O-M-A-N!"

Today's 10-miler mad recap:

First, was total nervous wreck as usual.
Second, metamucil wafers rock.
Third, temperature=67 °; light rain.
Fourth, got about ten minutes of sleep last night (excessive worrying about other problems).
Fifth ... ok, enough of this.

Got to training site at 6:30 a.m.; peed in park (natch). Today was 10 miles at 13:30 pace, running 3 min/walking 1 min.

I ran with the group (which I am now doing consistently. People, I have a group!) Until ... mile 7ish, when ... well, see for yourself:

lap 1: 15:29 (includes warm-up walk)
lap 2 (miles 2 & 3): 25:57 (still can't work @#%$& watch!)
3: 13:22
4: 13:18
5: 12:51
6: 12:27
7: 13:48 (yeah, whatever)
8: 10:34

(Mile numbers are all screwed up; but it was 10, I swear.)

Total: 2:08/Average:12:51 min./mile

(June 18, 2005: 10 miles: 2:26)

I don't know what the hell happened. I was setting a pretty good pace for once, for me, not at the back of the pack, for once, which was extremely odd, especially considering lack of sleep, and um, I had, um, my PERIOD. (Ok? I just said it out loud. Sheesh.)

For once, I was pretty much at the front of the group for the entire run. But something happened around mile 7.

One woman in our group is teeny tiny, runs like the wind (relatively speaking) and is always ahead of all of us. I think it just got on my last nerve that I wasn't keeping up with her. So, I decided to keep up with her. The next thing I knew, I was in front of her. I was leading my group!! At mile 8, a water stop, I got my water without stopping, and then I just took off!! I was still doing the run/walk thing, but the insane thing is, I still managed a 10:34 min.

WTF??? (Not that I'm complaining.)

I left the group behind me. For once.

(Is this bad? Was this a bad thing to do?)

I think it was a combination of being sick of being slow, and a lovely rainy morning. Plus, ok, I admit it: I wanted to show off, just a little bit, because this group has never seen me do anything but come in last.

So, whatever. I know it's not a race, and I'm probably a big baby for doing it, but it felt amazing!!

But wait! That's not all!!

At about 8.5 miles, a bunch of military recruits are running toward me! A whole big bunch (platoon? swarm? whatever). This was right in front of the Capitol building. I almost cried, it was magical to hear their commander (sargeant? fearless leader?) counting out for them, and they were all running in step. I was all by myself, and I clapped for them, which made them smile, which they will probably be shot for later on.

But wait! That's not all!!

Thursday night, I ran 4 miles (god I hate hate hate night running.) Despite hating night running (isn't that an R.E.M. song?) here are the numbers from that run:

9:56 (!!!!)
13:38 (walked 1/2)

Holy freakin' shoot. Sub-10??? That was the FIRST TIME EVER!!

So, I don't know what's going on, but now you all know too, and I am, for once, exceptionally PROUD of myself! (I think, anyway.)

In other news, I have an enormous decision to make this weekend, which will affect my life for many years to come. For real. And I'm so freakin' about it. So, I'd better go flip a coin, or google "how to make a decision," and figure this thing out.

*acceptable bacon substitute


Running Chick said...

You ROCK woman! Look at you go! And don't question the speed, just bask in the moment!

(and thanks for making me crack me up)

O said...

...I'll have some of what jeanne is having...

Liz said...

That is awesome...I was checking out my blog and for some reason yours highlighted so I thought that I should go check it out.

That is great that you are starting to feel more confident in your run and times. You can kick some butt and I think that you are ready to move up to the next group...yes I do...

Now, will you please kick my butt so I can get out there...

Oh yea, it is Night Swimming..which is so much better then night running! :) Especially when naked...but night running would be fun naked as well...I know that it would make me run very fast...just so I look like a big blur running by...I getting off subject...

Great job!!!

Danny said...

Wow! I just love your excitement...

(Hopefully it's catchy!)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh well done!
good luck with 'the decision'!

Susan said...

Yes, yes, yes. What good running. What a great attitude. And that decision? Listen to your stomach. Mine talks to me all the time, and it's always right.

Erin said...

Congrats! That's awesome!! Go you!! I'm sure your times will only get better. Hopefully some day I'll be able to make a post like this. :)

Chris said...

That is so awesome Jeanne! I can't wait to be were you are. By the way, I also have a life altering decision to make and I'm freakin out big time! Good luck to us both!

jeanne said...

Running chick: You are my idol! thank you for the encouragement!
Susan: You have so much positive energy and good advice always!! Thanks! (My stomach says one thing one day, another thing another day. It's very fickle!) p.s. no one has EVER told me I have a great attitude before! WOW!
LBTEPA: (I am DYING of curiosity to know what that stands for!!) Thanks!
Danny: Yeah i was pretty excited and full of myself...we'll see how long that lasts ha!
Chris: I can't believe it myself. Don't worry, I'm sure i'll be back in the running doldrums soon (aren't I miss optimistic?!) And good luck with the decision. Someone at church today told me really, there are no bad decisions, just different paths (something like that), and you just can't know until you take the leap. I liked that!
Erin: Are you kidding? You already ran a MARATHON!
Lara: ha ha ha...I love R.E.M. and nightswimming is a cool song... i'll run naked with you (can i wear my bra, please? for everyone's safety??)

David said...

It is very rewarding and self affirming to run ahead of the crowd when they least expect it.
And you made good time and did not fail.
Maybe that can help you decide on your big decision.

Noames said...

wow, look at you! That's awesome. And good luck with your decision. For what it's worth (warning: unsolicited platitude ahead), my philosophy is that I never regret doing something, but I do regret NOT doing something.

a.maria said...

girrrrrrrl, you are on fire!!! way to go!!! my favorite part was that you clapped for the soldiers. love it. what GREAT runs you've been having...

perhaps it has something to do with your decision making anxiety?! going out there and blowing off some steam feels really good sometimes! whatever it is though, keep it up!

and ABOUT that decision.... i obviously dont know what it has to do with, but here's what someone once told me, that i've managed to apply to quite a few life decisions...

"you can only truely give to others when its because you want to, not because you're afraid of what will happen if you dont"...

dunno. helps me, thought i'd pass it on! ;)

Buggie said...

Damn! That is so awesome!
I hate to run. (Except away from scary people.. Actually not true. I try to date those people. Sigh.)
You should be pleased with yourself. Go on!

Riona said...

Congratulations! Awesome run.

Re the big decision: weigh the options, make your best decision, and commit to it. I swear, the agony is in the waiting and the run up. The biggest part is just deciding. Good luck, I am sure you will make the right choice ...

21st Century Mom said...

Excellent! Is it bad thing? No - not unless you really hurt. But if you don't really hurt then it looks like you have finally realeased your inner athlete and she likes to RUN!

jeanne said...

21st: Naw, I didn't hurt at all!
Riona: You got that right. The deciding is the toughest part.
and Buggie:!Thanks for commenting on my blog, I just found yours, it's hilarious!