Friday, August 19, 2005


Please keep your voices down so we don't wake up the sleeping giant of unadulterated fear within.

Yeah, I know what I said last week, but tomorrow is 20 miles!

Ooops, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud! Damn!! I was so hoping to keep it from myself.


Well, the damage is done now. Now we know. But maybe we'll forget if I distract myself by watching What Not to Wear, for instance.


I have to sleep, now, I think. I'm all watered up, and I"m thinking I should just show up at the site tomorrow around 5:45 a.m., run, say, oh 10 slow miles, and then well, turn around and run back.

Ok? That sounds doable.

See you guys tomorrow.

What's all that shaking? Oh, that. That's just my heart pounding.


a.maria said...

girl i'm with ya. i'm doing everything i can to convince myself i'm not worried about tomorrows run.

and really, worry isnt the right word, but i'm gunna go out on a limb here an dsay you know what i mean.

as i just recently posted, i'm currently watching Chariots of Fire... never seen it before... and i cant get over the faces these dudes are making while they run... i'm cracking up.

so, i'm gunna sit here and lose myself in the movie (or try) and continue ignoring the fact aht i'll be running 18 miles tomorrow.

good luck tomorrow. have fun with it. (yeah i know. but we can try, right?!)

21st Century Mom said...

You will do fine! I have complete faith in you. 20 slow, easy miles and ta da! Done.

Noames said...

Ooh, I can't believe you're already at 20 miles--and as I type, you're already running. I'm going to the Capitol Crescent trail today, maybe I'll see you there.

I hope (and am sure) that it went fantastically!!!

Lara said...

As I post this, you are probably in the midst of running or finished up so I will be looking forward to your upcoming "I TOTALLY DID IT AND I ROCK!" post.
Cause you did, and you do! :)

Riona said...

Good luck! Imagine how you're going to feel posting an entry telling us how you did your 20 miles. I bet you were just as nervous coming up to 10. Runs just like birthdays: you're doing another increment and the fact that it has a zero on it doesn't change that.

On the other hand - awesome, go for it, good luck!

David said...

20 miles is a hell of a long way. You shame me as I whine about 11 tomorrow. Good job. You might hurt a little but you did it.