Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Recap, for Those Just Tuning In

We're all just breaking all kinds of records!!

OK, I swore I would never do this. Post my times. Too boring.

Except ... I can't hold it in any more.

Yesterday morning, went out for a 3-mile run, once more shaking off all worries about finishing, walking, not walking, watch, time, etc. etc. etc.

(Unfortunately, no gaggles of military hotties were on hand to distract me. Some people have all the luck ...)

Where we were six years ago:
April 18, 1999 (First—and only 5k race until 2005; no splits because didn't know what a split was)
(average: 12:20)

1999-April 2005: Running record: N/A

July 4, 2005: (5K race) (obviously PR)
33:50 (no splits because that involved pushing buttons on watch)
(average: 10:53)

(Lots of weeks in between slogging along at 11:30 min. miles)

Until yesterday, August 16, 2005 (3 miles)
(average: 10:51)

I am woman!


O said...

Great Job, Jeanne!!! All those miles are paying off... I am so impressed with you.

How about a quick summary of your running prior to your 6/19/2005 born on date?

Stephanie said...

Yay Jeanne! You must be one of those runners who flies by me. ;)

Susan said...

Someone (actually several of my favorite bloggers) once told me to stop worrying about my times--just run. Run as long as I could. That the longer distances would make me faster. And it's true:) Congratulations--

a.maria said...

whoa woman, you're kickin a**!!!!!! quite impressive!

it is too ironic that NOT thinking about time makes you run in a better time. what is that? if only i'd have believed everyone that told me that about oh... two and a half months ago!!!

ah well. guess we gotta come into in our own time


ok yeah that wasnt funny.

jeanne said...

Who can explain it? Calm. Calm is good!

21st Century Mom said...

Way to go! I didn't believe that the LSD (long, slow distance) runs could make me faster until they did. Looks like they work for you, too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! well done!