Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's Not Every Day

I run 20 miles.

But to quote AIDs Training Marathon Program Rep's weekly e-mail:
We follow the Jeff Galloway method because it has worked so well for tens of thousands of runners. You may feel that your 20-mile run seems very slow at first, but trust me; you will appreciate it fully when the miles start racking up. What’s more, you will be grateful for it when you have a faster and injury-free marathon day.

(I love the line about "...when the miles start racking up..." I wonder when that happens ...)

So, our pace was slowed to run 2/walk 2 and that's what we did for the entire twenty miles.

Which took:

5 hours 11 minutes.

Holy crap.

In my pre-marathon training days, I distinctly recall telling a marathoner friend, "Geeze, I can't even think of anything I like doing that I'd want to do for five hours."

So, now I get it.

It was loooooooonnnnng, but it was awesome.

Ran with the Group. Evan ran with Pace Group Leader. So, now, maddeningly, I have to take back previous less-than-gracious comments about PGL. She did well keeping the pace, we ran together for a while, and actually shared a few laughs. At one point, she deconstructed the ingredients in several alcoholic beverages (there's rum in mojitos?? who knew?) And, as a group, we played "name that capital" (my idea, natch). And generally we just put one foot in front of the other.

My friends, there is no "I" in TEAM.


  • Passing the "Welcome to Maryland sign" (where we took a GROUP photo), around mile 8;
  • Running thru Ye Olde Train tunnel, which was about 10 gazillion degrees cooler than rest of trail (around mile 9)
    (The Dalecarlia tunnel in 1975, although it looks more like 1875)

    Same tunnel circa 2005:

    Inside same tunnel (um, does someone have a thing for tunnels?):

    (Photos from Crescent Trail Web site.)

  • "Mr. Big" spraying me with water around mile 8;

  • Mr. Big draping icy cold towel on my neck around mile 13ish, that made me ask him if he would marry me and bear my children ("Yeah, I get a lot of that," said he);

  • Mile 16ish: Thompson's boat house, where there is a real bathroom; sitting down (ouch ouch ouch ouch); then hitting the FREE ice machine there;

  • The long slog (3.5 miles) back to base, which magically doubles in length at the end of every run, along the National Mall, dodging tourists;

  • Driving home (which drive, btw, is 16.5 miles, a mere stroll in the park);

  • Hobbling up to apartment;

  • Number One Daugher helping poor old Mom into bath;

  • NOD putting ice in bath (such a wicked, wicked child);

  • Laying on floor with legs up on wall so that lactic acid will go back to brain, where it belongs;

  • Long, lovely summer's nap.

    In other news, I'm driving NOD back to school tomorrow, so I will now have to take care of myself again, as in make own dinners, do laundry, make own ice baths. No more personal maid service. Oh yeah, and I'll really really miss having her around. Did I mention that NOD rocks?

    And, though I'm loathe to admit it, so does her Mom.

    a.maria said...

    HEY congrats!!!!!! 20 miles is a stinking long ass way to run. (your reply: no! really??)

    remember this??

    "I can't possibly run 12 miles. No, I can't do it, plus, I don't feel like it. I'm going to DIE tomorrow, running through the water-clogged air of a sunny d.c. summer day."

    your words.

    now, back two months ago, who'd have thought you'd ever say running 20 would be awesome??!!

    kinda cool, huh?!
    good job!

    Running Chick said...

    you conquered the 20-mile monster and you DO rock!

    go jeanne go!

    O said...

    Great job again, Jeanne!

    Erin said...

    See? That wasn't so bad, was it? CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Stephanie said...

    Awww, I'M even going to miss NOD for you. Now how sad is that? What, (if you don't mind divulging) does NOD study in school?

    Stephanie said...

    Oh yes, and FABULOUS job on your run. I love the Jeff Galoway system for you now. This is coming from someone who is injured from over training and didn't use the system, or any system for that matter. It just sounds so smart.

    David said...

    The scenery on long runs is the best. I wish I'd been with you because it sounded fun; as fun as 20 miles can be.

    jeanne said...

    David, I'd wish you'd been with me too! It was actually fun.
    Running chick: That is high high praise coming from you--the 8-min miler!
    O: thanks!
    Erin: Naw, it was a piece of cake! (um, not! but not as bad as I thought it would be.)
    A.: Oooh, I hate it when people quote my own words back at me! :) And lucky me: NO HILLS! (I'm still thinking I can't possibly run 12 miles, btw).
    Steph: Yeah, Galloway is the man! We'll all miss NOD; she's going into her second year and is studying, uh, crew, and "she doesn't know yet." She's majoring in that last one.

    Lara said...

    Wow! 20 miles in the can and bonding with PGL to boot! There is no stopping you!!

    Awesome job!!

    Stephanie said...

    I agree with Lara. You are out of control now. :)

    21st Century Mom said...

    Yeah! Congratulations on a successful run - that was awesome.

    Sorry about NOD - my NOD is on her way home today but then it's back to her home which, sadly enough, has not been my home for the last 4 years :-( Oh well. I still have NTD and NOS but they have yet to get that maid service/cook thing down. How did you do that??

    *jeanne* said...

    I believe you're WAY past the point where the miles begin to "start racking up"! LOL!

    Way to go! You are THERE, from one *jeanne* to another!

    I did my first marathon in 2003 (Baltimore, and I was 48 that year). Personally, I am slow slow slow as molasses frozen on a stick in January...but I've done FIVE marathons now, and THREE have been just this year!

    Rock on! Enjoy your journey!


    Liz said...

    Awesome job!!!

    ali said...

    20 miles! Congratulations, that's awesome. and nothing beats an ice bath and a nap afterwards.

    Flatman said...

    Very truly awesome...

    I hope I feel that way in a few short weeks!

    Susan said...

    I am *so* impressed. You give me confidence:)

    O said...

    Do you realize that you'll need some extra digits to count your miles on your next long run?

    And, perhaps a related question, any word from Miz M?

    Danny said...

    I'm so jealous.

    jeanne said...

    holy cow, you run 20 miles and all of a sudden you're inspring people AND making them jealous! (why didn't I stumble on this technique earlier in life? why?? :)

    to the "other" jeanne: your photos are fantastic! what is it about 48 that brings out this marathon monster lurking inside us?

    flatman: You want to feel pain and be drenched head to foot in sweat for 5 hours? go for it! (and i can relate!)

    thanks for all your supportive comments! you guys rock, really!

    (21st century: the secret weapon for dinner? I paid her! The maid service thing: she likes a clean house, and clean clothes, and I kinda suck at keeping up with that stuff--much rather read a book!)

    partyrunner said...

    i love your post! question: do you worry about your daughter as my mom did in one hysterical night a year after i graduated college asking "what do you think you're going to do with your life! spend the rest of your time working at the boys & girls club with a boyfriend who lives at home with his parents and has no car while your college diploma goes to waste!?!??!" just curious.

    still, NOD rocks.

    jeanne said...

    Partyrunner: ALL moms worry about their daughters! But naw, not yet. An education can never go to waste. Anyway, I hate cars so I'd be thrilled if her bf didn't have one, which he doesn't, not that it matters, since he lives 2,000 miles away from her! ha!

    NOD does rock!