Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's a D.C. Fourth!

It's the annual July 4 Autism Speaks 5k:

2005: F48 566/709 28/34 34:41 11:10

2006: F49 474/728 21/37 32:42 10:31

2007: F50 614/883 14/26 32:18 10:23

2008: F51 936/1393 21/42 32:33 10:28

I'm amazingly consistent, I'll give me that.

This July 4 began the same as the last three: me shaking Number One Daughter out of a deep and restful sleep to go run a hilly 5k in 90F heat and 99 percent humidity.

I had no hopes this year for any sort of record, except maybe a PW. (Not true. Secretly I hoped I could place. It's fun being me!) I told NOD I was hoping for "under 36 minutes." How's that for setting the bar?

Last year D.C. Spinster paced me to a course PR. This year I was on my own. I wish I could say what it is about this miserable, hot, hilly race that compels me to tackle it each year. Cuz NOD would really like to know.

NOD and I started out together and she tried talking to me, but soon realized that talking is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. She took off and I didn't see her 'til the finish.

The race starts with an uphill, but there are surprisingly more downhills than I remember. It weaves through the wide streets of chi-chi Potomac where there's a new McMansion every other house. The millionaires come out to watch, and some even turn on their sprinklers for us. There's a nice neighborhood feeling to this race, with lots of walkers in this race, and also lots of kids, which can be disheartening--if you're me. For a while I was behind one elderly gentleman who grunted loudly with every footfall. Which is SO AGAINST THE RULES. No sounds of misery allowed.

Well, I did set a record. I set a record for the most walking. I don't know why I can't remember that if I would just keep running, I might actually beat myself. I made 2 miles in 20 minutes flat, but then, as usual, the course started winning. Until the homestretch which is a nice long downhill, where I let it rip, and passed a few people. I have a nice finishing kick, if I do say so myself.

It was HOT.

After discovering that YET AGAIN I failed to win a medal (how OLD do I have to be?!?!), we went home and took naps.

Around 2 p.m. I was abruptly awakened by the phone and found myself talking to David who was in town for work. Too bad for the first 5 minutes of the conversation I thought he was another David.

We made plans to meet, and I ended up taking him to a VIP block party on Capitol Hill. You know, that place where all the movers and shakers live and work.
Capitol Hill: The seat of world power.

Poor guy has such a hard time fitting in.

We'd hadn't been there five minutes and he already had a job. Nice.

David and two chicks.

Later we trekked to the Iwo Jima Memorial and watched the fireworks through the rain while everyone screamed at the people in front to sit down, and the people in front screamed back, so then everyone had to stand. The land of the free!
My two BFFs!

Fireworks over the Washington Monument.

Another perfect fourth of July.


Judi said...

Yea! Sounds fun Jeanne!

Danielle in Iowa said...

so you were a few seconds off your PR but you moved up to the top 50% in your AG, so that is good for something!

peter said...

Fun! I didn't have to roll out of bed for the July 4th CAN 5K coz I did it virtual! In three legs, so to speak. Yesterday I left my car at WFC Metro (that's another story) and ran 1 mile home in 7:14. Then I relaxed! For a day. Then this morning I ran a neighboorhood mile in 7:24. Then I relaxed over coffee. Then I ran the mile up to WFC to get my car in 7:15. I made up a distance for the last 0.1, which I did in 0:30 (I think the distance was short--a lot)and voila, a 22:22 Virtual July 4th (& 5th) CAN 5K, a course record for me. Does it count? I highly recommend my new 5K method to you. Your time WILL go down.

Anne said...

Sounds like an ideal 4th to me. I don't think I've ever seen fireworks in the rain, either.

Susan said...

Happy 4th, my friend! We saw nearby fireworks, also.

2 beautiful girls!

Sunshine said...

I loved reading your account of your battle with the course!
But, hey, good job anyway!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh my, those fireworks look great!! Much more interesting than the ones in Orlando, for sure. Way to get out there for that race. I can certainly relate about running in heat!

Bex said...

It always rains on the 4th in D.C., and this year was no exception. But I miss the fireworks out there. And how great it was that you got to see David!

Rainmaker said...

Looks like a great 4th to me! Glad to see ya wandered out and watched the fireworks as well, looks like you and Lesser were likely in teh same group of folks.

Lesser is More said...

So, Rebecca and I may have been stalking you yesterday. We were at the 5k (I was race photographer for the day while she ran) and also at Iwo Jima for the fireworks. Aside from the rain (and people yelling at each other to "sit down" or "drop you're umbrella so we can see"), it was a decent night for some fireworks.

MAJ K said...

I have been reading your blog for a 3 months and this is the first time that we ran in the same race. I wish I could have met you. I liked the post race activity for kids. My 2 year old son loved moon bounce.

Jank said...

Fun, fun. THough the haze looks painful.

Scurry&Whirl said...

uch was it hot during that race! i don't remember as much post-race sweat as i did from this one!
and the hills, what a nice surprise that was, boy was i struggling through those.
and i remember that elderly grunter you speak of - i couldn't stand it either so i had to run faster to get away. nothing like motivation!

Mike Fox said...

I wish I would have known you were going to be at the Autism Speaks 5K, because it would have been nice to meet a fellow blogger!

I crossed the finish line at 31:44 clock time and then started cheering other runners as I was waiting for my sister to I probably cheered you on as you came across the finish line.

And yes - that course is always more hot, humid and hilly than I remember...which is why I continue to do it every year.

Hopefully we'll meet up there next year. Or perhaps at the Bethesda Turkey Chase?

Anonymous said...

you're not meant to get a medal. don't you know the curse? you cannot win an age-group category until Bush is out of office. i'm sorry. i thought you knew.

Running Chick said...

but what i want to know is...are those dogs bobbing for tennis balls?

Dori said...

I would be so happy to come in under 33 minutes for a 5K. Good job!

*jeanne* said...

Run smaller races for an a/g award! Do you do the DCRRC Bunion Derby races? You may get a medal in one of those. Of course, sometimes they don't give medals...but DCRRC water glasses and stuff like that are fun to get, too.

Vickie said...

Hilariously fun!

Just12Finish said...

That David is such an introvert. Poor guy.

Hey, nice run!