Monday, July 28, 2008

New Jersey State Triathlon Race Report Part One

My D.C. Tri friends--brothers and sisters!--cheer me in to the finish!

Here are the stats, but they don't even BEGIN to tell the story:

Jeanne McCann 51 F BETHESD MD
1.5k Swim: 46:42 (51:53)
T1 4:35
39K (23 mile) Bike 1:32:53 (15 mph)
T2: 3:45
10k (6.2) Run: 1:27:01 (14:02 min miles)
Total: 3:54:54

Place: 12/12 F50-54
Gender rank: 254/263 F

I am happy, sad, elated, thrilled, disappointed, crying ... it's like PMS on steroids!!!

I will tell the story as soon as I pull myself together!


21stCenturyMom said...

Wait - where's 'proud'? I didn't see that in the list. You did 15mph on the bike! That's awesome!

And you did it - you did this race and you finished and that's awesome, too!

Vickie said...

You did great! That is a very hard event to do so early in your triathlon career. You finished, and that's what counts, and you weren't last, so you did better than I have done! Can't wait for the rest of the story.

BettyBetty said...

I didn't know you were doing this race! I was just reading about the guy that drowned in the lake. You cannot be sad about anything...I am so impressed that you get out there and do this stuff.

jeanne said...

bettybetty: that's partly what I'm sad about. :(

Thomas said...

Almost 5 minutes in T1? Did you have to re-apply your make-up?

*ducks for cover*

Janice said...

I was waiting over about 1/4 mile before th finish (right before you curved to the actual finish line) but somehow - between there and the tent I missed you despite keeping my eyes peeled and inquiring with your comrades.
I look forward to reading your full report and am so elated for you! Congratulations! You rock.
I hope you spend this week feeling very proud of your accomplishment.

Xena said...

Congratulations again!

You did a great job despite it being SO FREAKING HOT when you came in.

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats!! Look forward to reading the RR. Sad to hear another triathlete may have drowned, though.

Lesser is More said...

Great job! Way to get 'er done. Looking forward to the race report.

Anne said...

Don't be sad. Embrace it all and be proud, like 21st Mom recommends. Of course, it's tough to rejoice when the event came with such a heavy toll for someone. But don't be sad.

LBTEPA said...

wHAT 21CMom said

Runner Susan said...

what? Jeanne, that make valium for occasions like that . . . where's the rest of the story? You should be jumping up and down happy.

David said...

You did a tri in July? 15 mph IS very good!
Your transitions were a tad ... shall we say dawdling? ... and I am sure there is ample explanation that we all look forward to.
The run time makes me think you might have been a touch delerious by that point in the day.
Swimming at any time is worth a gold medal in my book. Good job.

Susan said...


peter said...

Cool! Your first oly done. Congratulations. It's incredible you were swimming in the water for 46 minutes. I could never swim for 46 minutes, nope. Down to the bottom I would have gone, or rather, out of the water. Then you still had 30 miles more to go in some fashion, which you achieved. Congratulations.

Jade Lady said...

First of are amazing just doing this oly! I am still too chicken myself, but are awesome!