Monday, July 07, 2008

Track Workout, The Tour, and a Couch

Monday's tri schedule—T minus 19 days 10 hours but who's counting—called for a 45-minute run. I figured that was the perfect time to introduce track workouts back into my training. Cuz it's really going to help me at this point.

There's no arguing with me though. Really. I've tried.

I even decided to run over to the local track INSTEAD OF DRIVING as I usually would have (way back in the day, when I used to actually do track workouts). I got there, all ready to roll, and discovered this:

Yeah, track all gone. Being rebuilt. But, I'm nothing if not flexible. I decided to just run my 400 time, x 4, and walk 2 minutes in between. Does this make sense? Whatever! I ran 2:21s (according to McMillan, my 400 speed workout goal), and for all I know, the distance each time was 100.


Let's just call it intervals and be done with it.

The Tour

I love watching the Tour. I've tried to understand it, but it's pretty hopeless. Basically it's hot boys in spandex going fast. And, let's face it, we all watch it for the crashes. (Just kidding! Hold the hate mail!) And, could someone PLEASE tell the announcers that it's not the Tour DEEEEE france??? Sheesh.

The Game

This guy was still hanging around D.C., so I dragged him to my first Nationals Game (actually, he treated me, but you probably guessed that). I must say, that if you can get past the blaring, blasting, ear-splitting music, idiotic announcing of word games and contests, and advertisements, you have a decent chance of watching a ballgame at this park. God almighty, has this country completely lost its mind? Are we totally incapable of even the SEMBLENCE of silence??? Everyone knows that the ONLY music allowed at a ballpark is ORGAN MUSIC. I was so tired I had to leave my escort halfway through (although I still say the Nationals could have pulled it out!) so that I could make it to bed by 10 p.m. I am a laugh riot to hang with these days.

A Couch

Number One Daughter is basically renovating our apartment single-handedly. She really needs to be an interior designer. Last Saturday she bought us a new (used) Crate and Barrel couch from Craigslist! Here's the before photo:
A Goodwill store threw up

I'm too tired to take the after photo now. (Tired? Or Lazy? You choose!) But you'll be amazed.

Next Up!

Tomorrow is a three-hour ride, followed on Sunday by a "training tri." I hope we get to wear water wings, flippers, training wheels, and ... well, what would constitute a training aid for running? How about someone CARRYING ME??

(I've heard, but I can't swear to it, that tri training can make a girl CRANKY.)


21stCenturyMom said...

You're doing a 3 hour ride? That's awesome! That's training! And yes, it makes you cranky until you realize that a 3 hour ride is about what you feel like doing and then you feel awesome. Patience, grasshoppah.

And I hope NOD had decided that an ironing board is not the thing great livingroom decor is made of. I'm guessing she has.

LBTEPA said...

You say cranky as though it was a bad thing?
Make sure you keep up your iron and vitamins though, verrrry important especially during a 'build phase'

Anonymous said...

i watch skiing for the crashes. no one would send hate mail for that. we're sport-ists. i also prefer skiing and speed skating for better buns.

and it's the tooty fwance. that's waht i call it.

didn't you hang by the track? on telly, every time someone is rebuilding something, bones are found and an hour of drama ensues.

Calyx Meredith said...

"There's no arguing with me though. Really. I've tried."

That cracked me up!! Found you through DC Rainmaker and have been lurking for a while but had to pipe up today and say how much I like your blog.

BTW, Good job on the "intervals"!

Thomas said...

Running repeats by estimated time is what I used to do before I got my lovely GPS toy. I got enough speed for a 3:28 marathon that way, so it can't be all bad.

Susan said...

Looking forward to the new photo!

MJ said...

Jeanne - re the Tour, from having watched it for years now (it's addictive and it gets easier to understand)....the best announcers ARE part of the Versus team: Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen, who are their morning commentators. You might get voiceovers of theirs in the primetime (anchored by Bob and Craig). Best to tape the morning coverage (or one of the replays) and watch it in the evening. Bob Roll just has to be enjoyed for his "Bobke"-ness - tour DAY France is just one of his Bob-isms. He's an acquired taste, but knows a lot and LOVES the sport. Craig Hummer is coming along (anybody else miss Al Trautwig?), and Frankie Andreu and Robbie Ventura just have to be tolerated. Phil and Paul also do some writing and blogging. There's at least one website that collects "Liggettisms" - some of the odd phrases Phil comes up with (like describing a stage winner as "sharp as a nut" ?). This year is a bit more chaotic, but Team Columbia is doing great and Garmin-Chipotle is doing well also (check out the Le Burrito at Chipotle during the Tour only, and yes I know "the" and "le" is redundant....). Anyway, hang in, the tactics get easier to understand - to me it's much easier than, say, football. You might also like's coverage - they have Chris Carmichael and Johann Bruyneel writing essays some of which relate to strategy/tactics. For a unique perspective, read the NYT blog "The Climb", chronicling a writer's training and riding this year's L'Etape (a company organizes a ride of a selected stage during the Tour, before the riders get there). This year's L'Etape is the same as the riders will do Monday. Vive le Tour!

Still loving your blog....

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that's some serious training! You're making me look bad ... just kidding. But seriously, I'm supposed to be doing 3 hour rides and some speed work too.

Look forward to the after picture!

Sunshine said...

Wanna see that "after" shot!!

Don is loving the Tour.. it is on in our house every minute they are broadcasting.
I enjoy the village and countryside footage and the different angles on the athletes.
Shots of the castles and churches send my mind wandering back over the centuries.

Judi said...

What the hell? I need the "after" picture, and I look forward to reading your blog more than once a week!

peter said...

Isn't that new stadium nice? I saw a game there last week. The only thing that bothered me was the blaring announcements--constant and irritating. Other t han that it was great. Who could hate a $7 hot dog--from Ben's Chili Bowl. And you could see the Capitol from my seat, which was cool. Walking out of there to the Orange Line (Capitol South) after the game was an adventure too!

Jade Lady said...

You just gotta post the after pic!

Wow...haven't gone to a ball game in umpteenth years, and yes - organ music was all u heard back then - ah...the good old days.

Runner Susan said...

holy mother of god jeanne, are you ever going to post that sofa picture? I've been checking every ten minutes for the last ten days.