Sunday, February 19, 2006

We Have Liftoff

Yesterday was the first meeting of my running group's (I have a running group, people!), the D.C. Road Runners, 10K training program, which aims to prepare folks for the May 14 Mother's Day 10k. Too bad my 10K is March 12. (And really, horribly too bad that my first 10 miler is April 1.)

We met at 8 a.m. at a local YMCA, milled around for 40 minutes or so, met the coaches outside in the freezing cold parking lot, who quickly outlined the schedule (something was mentioned about mid-week track and/or hill workouts but somehow I got distracted during that part). Bex is one of the coaches, but alas, not mine, at least not for this official program. We divided into groups (my coach had a conflict, so my group had a stand-in), did a 30-minute run on the somewhat extremely hilly Custis trail, which is where the Mother's Day 10K will be held. (I love the Web site's description: "you can expect a few moderate climbs and winding turns over the trail's four mile length." Hell's bells, I'll say!) But, I ran all the hills. Yay me.

I'm excited about training with a group again. Plus, the YMCA is allowing us the use of its showers and sauna. Oh yes. Which was great for me, because not only did I use the shower afterwards since I had to head for Charlottesville, but also the entrance to the highway is 1) near the YMCA, and 2) right across from a Starbucks! Oh, the stars were aligned.

In other news, I completed weeks one and two of the Kill Jeanne With Training Program, courtesy Bex. Today I was supposed to run only 45 minutes, but I went crazy and ran 50 minutes. In 20 degree something. With the sun sinking. Felt all runner-ly.

Finally, I must say, I am quite dismayed that only Thomas [and Jack and all his colleagues!] had the good taste to want to see a Mini, on fire, ski-jumping. Quite. Dismayed. After All I Do For You.



21st Century Mom said...

Did you do Bikram in the sauna?

Maybe I'll find a running group when I start running again - I mean the real world kind.

I watched part of the Mini thing. My attention span is smaller than a mini, though - sorry!

Black Knight said...

What a delusion!!!! I thought that your group were the Black Knight Army!

m said...

I'm still cracking up at your post. Yesterday was freezing. Hills are awesome too.

I did try to see the mini video, but all that came up on my PC was that circle, square and triangle thing. (which I quess means I don't have a certain program loaded)

Christine said...

"Kill Jeanne With Training Program"

I think I need one of those. Maybe of the Kill Christine flavor.

Congrats on the new running group!

Rae said...

Your group sounds like fun, esp the sauna!! I bet you'll be more than ready for your race!! You're a great runner.

susie said...

Aren't running groups the best? Sometimes it's the only way I get myself out the door. (I realize that makes me sound like a slug, but yeah, it's the truth!)

Kim said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I think I'd benefit from a running group...but we don't have any here...I'd have to drive a good ways to find one...have been thinking of creating a 'HMB Mom's Marathon Club' though...there are a couple of us at for various events...unfortunately, with everyone's's hard to come up with conveint time...
And I could so use the sauna right now. I'm freezing. And I shouldn't's 47 degrees here...but I can't warm up....

a.maria said...

yayyyyyyyyyyy hills! (i have hill repeats tomorrow. scary!)

way to be all runner-ly. i strive for it everyday!

and come up short almost as often!


Dori said...

I watched the mini, but I really laughed through the race between the Jaguar and the speed skater. I especially liked the music of Bolero, a la Torvill & Dean.

Thanks for showing me another way to waste time :-0

Stephanie said...

I love Charlottesville and had a little cringe of envy when you posted that...gosh, it's so beautiful up there, isn't it?

someone who went to school in the Appalachian mountains