Thursday, February 02, 2006

Breaking Away

See, I don't really drink. Rarely. Maybe an occasional glass of wine. On a special occasion. So yeah, three appletinis? On an empty stomach, too. Really smart. And what the hell kind of drink IS that anyway? It's can't possibly be for grown-ups. It tastes too good. I think it's for sorority girls.

I was drunk people. D-R-U-N-K. Of course I had to tell Number One Daughter about it, hoping to shame her. Didn't work. She thought it was funny.

I slept in late this morning, til 7. whoo-heee! and then, got up, went to work and yup, ran, 40 minutes. That was my punishment for being a dope last night. That, along with a nice 120 degree F 90-minute BIKRAM session after work. Which if the run didn't get rid of every last drop of alcohol, that class did.

My new coach (I have a coach!!) (who shall remain nameless until or unlesss s/he tells me it's ok) has said once more what EVERY SINGLE other person who knows anything about running has told me, which is: STOP WORRYING ABOUT SPLITS. I need to run a set amount of time each week, and gradually increase it. Plus, the new plan requires running four—four— days per week, for a set amount of time, to build a base. Which is a problem, because I can only run three days a week. Coach does not suffer fools lightly. Damn him/her.

Me: "So, I just have to run 40 minutes?"
Coach: "Yep."
Me: "So, you're saying I just have to run 40 minutes? And I can do it slowly? So technically, it can take me 40 minutes to run one mile?"
Coach: "Yep, as long as you don't walk."
Me: "Oh yeahhhh!"

Coach says all this time I've actually been doing speedwork without realizing it. Which was making me basically dread running, and you know, killing me.

Coach also says in addition to running four days per week, I need to bike one day per week, AND strength train one day per week. (Coach also fed me three appletinis, so coach is obviously not infallible.)

So this morning's 40 minute run covered about 3.5 miles (I honestly don't know ... ok, I couldn't help looking at the mile markers, but did NOT look at my watch.) And at the end, I was not hating it!!!!! I was not heaving and ready to hurl! Methinks coach is onto something.

Yes, I know I have said this before. Like 10 million times before. But this time, I really really mean it. No more splits for a while. I am breaking away from splits.


Susan said...

Sometimes it's fun to pretend to be a sorority girl! I can't drink the sweet stuff, knocks me on my ass!

Black Knight said...

To run four days per week, to bike one day per week, and strength train one day per week: a busy week! And the 7th day? Drunk of course!

Riona said...

A while ago I drank Southern Comfort, not realizing that it can't be metabolized by anyone over the age of 18. My great superpower is that I NEVER get hangovers: but Southern Comfort is my kryptonite.

Bolder said...

we like this new coach.

David said...

So how's the blister after you go binging?
Splits are nice but not important until you're training for a race or in a race.

Lara said...

Good for you!! You'll love how pleasurable your runs become when your not gasping for breath.

nancytoby said...

Not heaving is always a good thing. :-)

21st Century Mom said...

I like this plan. I am now training for a really long bike ride (which I will soon write about) so I've decided that running is out for now but when I get going again in March I'll give this plan a try.

What's the official word on appletinis?

Bex said...

You have permission to say who your coach is :-). Next up: 40 minutes of running twice next week, 35 minutes or so of running another day, and your fourth day of running should be at a VERY easy pace for 20 minutes. You can even do the bike (30-35 min) and the easy run the same day, if you want. Or not. And the strength training day is crucial - remember to bring your workout clothes next Friday. I won't be there (on travel), but I want to hear how you did afterwards. Always do at least 10 min. of stretching after runs/strength training.

Okolo said...

Don't you worry, the splits will come back, but not until after the base is built.

This BTW is also the way to lose weight.

Great job, enjoy.