Monday, February 27, 2006

10k Turns Magically Delicious!!

Today I got this e-mail:
Dear St. Patrick’s Day 10K Registrant:

We want to take this opportunity to let you know about a couple of changes to the St. Patrick’s Day race in Washington, DC.

After almost a year of effort and the development of numerous courses, we were unable to get a 10K course approved by the District of Columbia government for the 2006 race. Fortunately, a new certified 8K course was developed this year for another race from Freedom Plaza, and we have received approval to use that course instead. ...

We hope the 8K distance will be a welcome change...

Umm, hell yes, I'll say it's a welcome change. I'm already breaking out the Chieftains' CDs. Because no way was I gonna be ready for a 10k in two weeks.

I know—I have a Bad Attitude, just like the nuns said on several report cards. I would just once like to be actually prepared for a race distance. And now, I have no excuses.


Saturday was week two of the DC Road Runners Club training for the Mothers' Day 10k. I'm in the "advanced beginners" group? I guess? I'm not sure. So I fit right in, because the two coaches for my group aren't sure about anything, either. Like where we should run, or how far, or what the schedule will be for the next 10 weeks, or how to stretch. For instance. Or what to do during the week. (Am I being hard on them?? No, I haven't even started being hard on them. Because they are volunteers, so I am cutting them some slack. Which is so not in my nature.)

See, I'm kinda doing two things at once; I'm preparing for a 10 miler on April 1; plus a 10k in May (well, plus the 8k. So three things). Which means, I'm looking really good in the 10k group, since I've been training since, like November (and no, I'm still not up to six miles).

We ran slow and easy for 30 minutes, on a fairly hilly course, and I came in first in my group of six or seven. Huzzah. I have no idea how slow I was going; I just know everyone else was going slower. Well, plus, they had to stop a few times to figure out which way to go.

Bex is a coach for this training program (though let me hasten to add, not one of my clueless coaches). She's sending out weekly updates, and encouragement, and plans to her group, all Bex-like, and I am so jealous that I might actually have to switch into her group, just to get the e-mails. Two of my work colleagues are also doing this training, and we're all in different pace groups, which means we get to compare training notes, along with lust and disdain levels for all our different coaches. Tallgirl is in the fastest, speediest group; I'm in the middle-to-low rent district; and Sleuth is coming up fast behind us, all sleuth-like.

We went to Starbucks afterwards and laughed ourselves sick. Which makes the entire training plan worth it right there.

Sunday, on the other plan, the BEX Kill Jeanne training plan, I ran 55 minutes with no walking, in the freakin' freezing cold (although nothing like this) and the wind in my face both ways (how is that possible? I mean really. It's not, is it?).

But that was just the topper to a lovely Sunday morning, where I successfully a) did not drop any bells over the side of the choir loft; 2) hit anyone by mistake; 3) ring any wrong notes; d) or knock over the tables that the bells are on; and v) did no cursing, either! Oh yeah, and I played my two notes (B and C) flawlessly. At the right time, too.

All in all, a stellar weekend.


Dori said...

Congrats on your bell-ringin debut! Good job, not swearing in church. Did you play, "She'll be coming round the mountain?" And wow, you ran 55 minutes with no walking break? That's super impressive.

a.maria said...

NICELY done!! especially not cursing in church!!!

and double HUZZAH to coming in first in your pace group. hello. how did you write a post that didnt focus on that?!

oh yeah, you aren't a braggart like me! well girl, mad props to ya! and how jealous am i, you have running friends!!

(ok i have running friends, but none i see off the trails...)

go jeanne! stellar weekend!

nancytoby said...

That SUCKS that they couldn't get approval for the 10K course! That was a great race! BAH on Washington DC! THE TERRORISTS WON!!

21st Century Mom said...

oo Nancytoby makes such a good point. HA! to the Bush administration.

Anyhow, you are not really doing 3 things at all because a 10K is shorter than a 10 Mile race so you will be so very, very prepared. You have, however, become a bit of a training junkie and in so doing have made me feel very, very lazy... I mean inspired! You have inspired me!

I think you should stay in your current 10K group and end every session with a long list of questions - where are we running next? How far will our run be? Do you have my email address right because I don't seen to be getting the news letters. What should I eat this week? What stretches do you favor?

Like that. Maybe they will get so tired of saying "Um .. I don't know...I didn't really think about it" that they will.

Devious, I know.... sorry.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo on all accounts!

My great-aunts loved playing the bells (even had customized license plates - Bells1 and Bells2), and taught my family at an early age. I have fond memories of my family gathering 'round at the holidays to play. It was fun.

Bex said...

"Lust" for your coaches?! Where did lust come into this?! I hate to imagine.

Yay for the successful bell-ringing. People, it is not easy as you might think.

I swear I will update my poor litte blog tonight. If only to say, "Jesus Christ, but I'm too busy to blog!" Apologies to any Christians who just got offended by that.

*jeanne* said...

The St. Patrick's Day 10K is an 8K? And the Army 10-Miler was an 11.2-miler? (Or something like that - does anyone know for SURE?)

Jeez - aren't we glad folks in DC "run" this country?



*jeanne yankee gal in calvert county maryland*

m said...

You crack me up. You must of been bad in Catholic school. I was told that I just had attitude....not BAD attitude.

Good job on kicking some butt with the running group. I need to join one of those groups. I didn't realize I could find Lust. I thought I would only find pain. Who Knew?

tallgirl said...

Hmmmm..."advanced beginner"...isn't that an oxymoron....maybe you should ask your coaches about that...
Even though we're in different groups, I'm glad we have Starbucks. Heroin-laced pastries all around!

Rae said...

Great job on being #1 and not hurting anyone with the bells. Your training plan sounds like so much fun, but Bex's group does sound better!

That's so strange that they had to cut 2K from the course, but hey, why not!