Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It Was My Birthday and I Had My Period and a Headache

So, I thought I'd turn up the volume on this ol' blog a bit, just to make sure that in addition to feeling like crap, I'd get no work done.

But it's a new day, so I'm just gonna move right along, OK? Back to our usual programming...

So, as I was saying, those fascist el!te runners and their snooty ways... ah ha ha ha. Just kidding!!! (No, really: I. Am. Just. Kidding.)

In fact, never have so many misconstrued so much about so little. I believe Winston Churchill said that.*

So my birthday was yesterday! Yay me!! I got some lovely flowers and a funny card from my colleagues, from whom I cleverly kept my birthday a secret, right up until I came out of my glass-fronted ofice and said, "Y'all need to look at my blog. I can't believe the fistfight that's broken out. On my BIRTHDAY, too!!" And NOD tells me to "watch for a package." !!! Some b-day celebrating will happen this weekend, cuz I was in no mood this week (see title.) I will be Getting My Birthday On!!

Some of yesterday's comments were notable, though. Especially the annonymous person wondering if I was one of the ones who cut the MCM course. (Mom, was that you?) I can vow here and now that if I ever decide to cheat in a marathon (even as I write, I wonder what the point would be, and how would I ever write that recap? "And then, I skipped the next 10 miles by taking a short-cut...and..."), um, as I was saying, if ever I cut a marathon course, believe me, it won't be to come in at a 6:30 time. I'll be coming in at a sub-4, people!!

And to Brent D. Yes, I am 23. In Pippin years. Good lord. But hey, thanks! And I learned a few things via backchannel e-mails. For instance, how many of you know that Jack bakes a mean pie? And gardens for a hobby? And is a woodworker and genealogist? And if your tank breaks, he's your guy? Jack is oh-so-much more than a tireless runner able to withstand sub-zero temps in the hinterlands of Germany.

And dear a. maria: you are my new BFF. For real. You all already know how talented she is, and how hilariously funny. She's also one of the nicest people I've never met.

And 21st Century Mom, a prolific thinker and writer, held her own down in the comment pit. You rock, 21CM! She even joined the RBF as a result (well, I don't know if as a direct result, but she met a lot of RBF'rs yesterday. So I'll take full credit.)

Yep, as usual, the RBF came through with flying colors and many kind wishes. It is amazing that the RBF attracts so many cool, fun, encouraging, thoughtful people. People who can disagree, but who know how to converse in a polite, respectful, and fun way. To all of you (and my other friends and their crazy comments): Thanks for making my birthday so special!

(P.S. I had to turn comment mod on, just for a bit, to keep he who shall remain nameless off, along with all comments related to himself.)[Ed. note: Comment mod is now off! Comment away.]

SO, in running news: This is my first-ever week of four runs. In one week. Which of course is impossible because we all know that I can only run three days a week. However, I don't want Bex kicking my ass, so: Sunday, did my 45-minute "Deep Thoughts" run, with, I thought, good results (see comments); Monday, biked; Tuesday, another 45 minute run (no splits, not yet!); and today, Tuesday Wednesday, in 20 degrees F, my easy day, I ran 2 miles in 22 minutes. On deck for tomorrow: 40ish minutes, plus Bikram tomorrow night; and Friday, my first strength class (I have to do this class before Bex returns. Can't be making her mad. And speaking of Bex, she had quite the excitement out on the trail a few days ago. Go read about it.)

So, all those topics I mentioned below that I want to write about? I may just have to hold my horses on some of them. There's work to be done, people.


*Actually, he said this: "Never, in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many to so few." To Parliament, September 1940, after the Battle of Britain.


21st Century Mom said...

I'll bet that birkam room feels really good after running in 20 degree weather. Not to make you mad or anything but it was 70 here today. I swam. It was lovely.

Bob said...

Happy belated birthday Jeanne, I hoped you enjoyed it regardless.

Angela said...

Happy 23rd Birthday! :) Will 4 runs a week be a new staple or a random event?

jeanne said...

Thanks angela (ha ha ha) and Bob!
Yep, four is the new three. Apparently!

nancytoby said...

Oh. My. God.

I've never gotten 50 comments! You must be doing SOMETHING right!

I'm assuming the truly vile comments were deleted, because some that were left were still quite ... testosterone-poisoned.

Dori said...

Hey Jeanne,
Belated Happy Bday. 49 years young! I envy you your youth :)

In the news today, my town, Minneapolis, was named the second worst place to date. The first: Washington, D.C. Maybe you'd better smile to 100 people a week.

Good job on running in 20 degree weather. Have a great year!

Jack said...

Did I say Happy Birthday, I am losing my mind and can't remember (grandpa's are like that;-) Happy Birthday anyway.

p.s. My wife was looking over my should when I was reading your blog, now she wants a pie this weekend. So Saturday morning I'll be up at the crack of dawn, 15 miles and then bake a homemade pie!

Jack said...

Did I wish you Happy Birthday yesterday? I can't remember, it's my grandfather syndrome setting in. Happy Birthday just in case I forgot;-:

p.s. My wife must have been looking over my shoulder when I was reading you blog, now she wants a pie. So Saturday morning I will be up at the crack of dawn, 15 miles and a bake a homemade pie.

susie said...

Hey your blog was the evening's entertainment. So thanks! What does that say about MY life:) Good running...but watch that fourth day. My injuries seem to happen when I pound too much.

Anne said...

Holy moley. Thanks for getting everyone riled up with your Deep Thought. And belated birthday wishes!

Dori said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog list! I just saw it.

a.maria said...

girl, this was supposed to be MY first week of 4 too!!

but uh, as you well know, that didnt happen.

next week though.
(unless, keeping my fingers crossed here, my coach changes my running schedule and i am saved!)

anyway... have a great birthday weekend!

Black Knight said...

Happy Happy birthday, please forgive me if I am late but I was travelling for work and I came back only this morning.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Way to go on the running, Jeanne. You need to keep Bex on her toes you know. :)

And by the way, I am completely offended at 21st Century Mom's elitist attitude about warm weather in February.

Susan said...

Hee - ass kicking is never good . . . get to class!

Riona said...

Happy birthday! Did you have fun?