Friday, February 17, 2006

The Other Olympics

If you want to laugh your ass off, go here:
BBC Sports: Video and Audio, and on the upper right side scroll to the bottom, under "highlights and features," and click on the video:

"Top Gear: Ski Jumping with a Mini." You'll laugh, you'll cry.

No one does Mini ski jumping like the Brits.

Late add: They changed the url. It's fixed now.


Thomas said...

That thing is doing the ski jumping a lot more graceful than Eddie the Eagle used to.

jeanne said...


Jack said...

I'm a bit late reading the blogs, I just watched the Mini ski-jumping and about fell of my chair laughing. Then I showed it to the developers in my department (electrical engineers) and they didn't get anything done the rest of this morning ;-) British humor at it's best. Thanks for sharing this.

a.maria said...

ok my favorite is how they all slide down the hill while attempting to mark the snow.

that is so me.

i love the brits!