Sunday, November 27, 2005

Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes*

This morning's 6 a.m. run (note: it's SUNDAY, proving, once more, what a martyr I am at heart):

Mile 1: 10:11
Mile 2: 10:42
Mile 3: 10:14
Mile .5 5:22

(Today was supposed to be 4 miles, except (why, oh why is there always an "except?") I screwed up the mile markers. Whatever.)

I know I said I was throwing the watch out. I lied.

These are my fastest times ever ever ever.

I think one of my many idiosyncrasies is that I—like one of Pavlov's dogs—am totally conditioned to running the same route. And if I deviate, by say, doing something crazy like trying to run in West Virginia, or at some monastery on the Hudson River, well, my body apparently just can't deal.

So, the schizophrenic happy/mad running ride continues!! Y'all come back now.

*Joyce, James. Ulysses


21st Century Mom said...

Those are outstanding times! I'm so impressed!

I went for a little run the other day (2 miles) but the results are simply not worth sharing.

You need a Forerunner - you really do. I'm going to put Santa on the job post haste.

a.maria said...

woooo-OOO thats awesome! you and your bad self are kicking some running gluteous maximus! rock on my sistuh!

and i second 21st Century... forerunner's are where its AT!

december 1st, the running begins again. i am so excited. (if, ya know, excited means a little scared...apprehensive... dreadful. etc etc, you get the jist...)

Susan said...

Way to go! Run on.

susie said...

You are flying! Don't let one run throw you. I have them all the time...and then somehow, all of a sudden, I pull out a good one! Hang in there and it will all make sense. By the way, I hope the parent you mentioned a few posts ago is ok. I'm sorry...

a.maria said...

cool. are you going to do this run?! you so should. cuz i wanna.... but cant. cuz i sorta live far away.

but you so should! :)