Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Update ... But Still Not the Recap!

Post-marathon headache of massive proportions, along with post-marathon sinus infection ... How come the books don't tell you about the headache?? I think I must have had the sinus thing brewing beforehand, since you can't catch an infection in one day!

Anyway, it's coming! But looking at the computer right now makes my head hurt more, so am going to take another day off from my usual computer attachment—well as much as I can, since today is back-to-work day. Yippee!

Onward! and After?


Anonymous said...

ouch! Take good care of yourself!

a.maria said...
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Lara said...

Hope you feel better soon. How nice of your body to hold off on the sickness till after!

Anonymous said...

I read an article that said marathoners - that would be you, you big LEGEND - are >50% more likely to get an infection in the week after a big run b/c we've given our immune systems such a pasting. Yes I should get out more. I wrote a quote on my hand for my half-marathon - 'when the body says "enough", the spirit says "I will not yield"'.
Go you

jeanne said...

LBTEPA: OK it's driving me crazy not knowing who you are! I have a big fan and I don't know who it is!!! I can't take it!
And THANK YOU for the info; I like your quote, too!