Sunday, November 06, 2005

Quit Yer Whinin'

Happy, excited pace group, BM (Before Marathon); l-r: Andrea, Maurice, Gwen, Claudia, Sarah, PGL Coleen, Wendy, Amy, Me, Melissa

Entering Rock Creek Park, spirits high! Around mile 6.

Me and the man. What can I say, I'm a sucker for celebrities. Obviously, I'm feeling pretty great here at mile 9ish, just past the Kennedy Center.

Along the National Mall, mile 11... whoo-hee!! Marathon? What marathon? (Photo, courtesy, S.)

My two saviors—Bex and Naomi—at my side. I think this is the ramp to the 14th street bridge (Mile 20) but I'm not sure I was actually there at the time this was taken. (Photo, courtesy S.)

(more to come...)


David said...

Pictures tell a kinder gentler story than your write up. Stick with the pics.

You sure were brave to take on that race. I'm amazed.

Kim said...

Just found your blog thru a link at runner susan. I am a beginner runner (beginning at age 42) and you have inspired me!!!! What determination. I have had a foot injury that somewhat sidelined me but now since reading your blog I have been inspired again.

jeanne said...

David: Yeah, drama queen!! :)

Kim: Thanks!! Injuries suck! I can't believe I inspire anyone, but what a nice note. I'll check out your site!

a.maria said...

whoa. there were no where near that many dead cups on my M. holy crap!

great pics. :)

Lara said...

Look at you with the big smile!! Great pictures!