Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Yeah, I need something presentable, dri-maxable, (and can it please look chic?) to wear when it's cold. The old cotton knit pants with the hole in the crotch and the ancient marine corps sweatshirt that we found somewhere (cool, huh?) are just not gonna cut it. And we've already been over wearing the long silk underwear ... but that was in a place where no one knew me. Cannot dress like a total freak at home.

What I'm saying here: I need some help! What do I wear? And it's not even really cold yet, but I can already tell I will want to die before I get on that treadmill; I can so see myself running in the snow! Can't wait! (Really, I'm psyched about that.) So, please, I need some cheap, good-looking gear, but don't know where to start. Send me suggestions, (extra points awarded if you include urls and product id's).

Yesterday's alarming (alarmingly good!) statistics:
2.5 miles:

Mile One: 10:56
Mile .5: 4.44 (unlikely that was actually .5, but whatever.)
Mile Two: (This is the exciting part, because this was exactly one mile and I didn't even have to kill myself:) 10:36!!!!!!

I so rock.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'll be in West Virginia, visiting a very sick parent.


nancytoby said...

I just bought out REI, see
for some ideas!

Have a good Thanksgiving!

jeanne said...

Thanks Nancy!

Running Chick said...

I like to check out places like TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Ross. I've been really lucky with tops, but not so much with tights. National Running Center has some decent tights.

m said...

Definatley invest in some wicky wear. I just bought a turtleneck and jacket at the running shop near me. Well worth the $128 (ack!!) I'm basically going to wash the shirt everytime I wear it. Oh and don't use fabric softner on the clothing. You could try ebay for some bargains too.

good luck

Susan said...

Target! Happy Thanksgiving

21st Century Mom said...

Can't help you with the cold weather gear because where I live 40 is considered unbearable!

Happy Thanksgiving and get well wishes to your sick parent.

David said...

Think layers.

a.maria said...

i'm with susan, its all about target, baby!!!!

(i'm still laughing over your comment... too friggin funny. and i hate ana lucia!)

happy thanksgiving!!!!!

Noames said...

I have to agree. I'm ALL about Target--80% of my running wardrobe comes from there. But if you want a good pair of running tights (which I wear under something else, usually, and keep me nice and toasty) head over to RNJ Discount Sports (or whatever it's called). They have a 20% discount on EVERYTHING (including shoes), and a 50% sale rack. It's in Bethesda, near the Giant, and the 10,000 Villages, and... uhh... Arlington Avenue? Or Woodmont? You know where I mean.

Oh, and go to Filene's or something and get some fleece. Much better than a sweatshirt.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bex said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Great times on the run, by the way. You're getting downright speedy.

Some suggestions for cold weather running gear:

1) Title 9 Sports. Sportswear for women. They've got some great stuff. V. stylish. Which is important.

2) L.L. Bean has some good running gear for winter as well, though the selection isn't big. Click on "women" then "active clothing." Check out the piped and boot-cut fitness pants and the running jackets.

Dorine said...

One More Mile has a great bargain on tops, like the fleece top for $23. You could wear it as a jacket and just wear your summer singlets underneath. It's for 25-45 degrees. And for $17 you can get a wicking long-sleeve top (30-45 degrees.) They also sell running pants, which they call "Not-So-Tights", for under $30.

As tempting as it is, you don't want to be too comfortable when you get started, because you'll quickly heat up. Dress for about 10 degrees hotter than it is. A pair of light wind gloves can protect your digits. When it gets to about freezing level, wear a beanie to keep the heat from escaping through your head. My favorite winter running socks are SmartWool.

DebbieJRT said...

If you're willing to try your luck, I've got some great bargains at You have to snap up anything you see as it can disappear pretty quickly.

jeanne said...

Thanks for these amazing tips! I'm gonna be the best dressed one on the trail--hoo-rah! or ooh-rah, or whatever the mariens say.

I'll do an entry with all these suggestions.

Thanks, guys!