Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Take Out Your Calculators

The 10K I'm scheduled to run is on Dec. 11.

The schedule I'm following to get me there is an eight-week one.

I just started week four. Once more proving that higher math skills elude me.

My question: Should I still do this 10K? Should I (and CAN I) just treat it as a training run, even though it's in two weeks and there is NO WAY on GOD'S GREEN EARTH that I will be ready? Because I can just see me trying to run the 6.whatever miles, having to walk, and then feeling like a failure. The farthest I've run (well, not counting the marathon) (yes, I'm linking to it whenever it's mentioned; what of it??) is 3.5 miles (post-marathon). I'm supposed to run four this weekend. (Well, I was supposed to run four last weekend. Had a little snafu with the whole mileage thing.) And then the race is next weekend. And my whole pace group signed up for this race, specifically because I CONVINCED them to!! So how, how can I back out now??

Woe, woe is me.

What do you all think??

And while I have your attention (in my fantasy world anyway), let me brag about this morning's three miles, because it makes me soooo happy! And I have no idea why I seem to be getting faster. None, nada, rien. (In fact, because I just wrote those words—that I am getting faster—now I'll get slower. That's how this jinx thing works, just so you know.)

Mile 1: 10:40
Mile 2: 10:39
Mile 3: 10:25
Average: 10:35 min/mile

It's so exciting to get better. I have still yet to feel like "oh, I could do this for a few more miles." Or even for a half a block more. But I guess that will come. Mostly I am still in the "Hang on, you're almost done" phase. Patience, missy. I haven't even been running for a year yet.


Parents: Thanks to everyone who asked about my vague reference to an ill parent. It's my mom, she's 83, has about a thousand problems, and was hospitalized last week, let out for Thanksgiving afternoon, then back to the ER on Friday with more problems. Not the least of her problems is that she is totally DEAF, along with her husband, but both of them refuse to admit that possibility, so I pretty much spent Thanksgiving weekend SCREAMING MY HEAD off, so that I could be heard. I literally had a sore throat at the end of the weekend. Watching them talk to each other is kind of amusing (well, it would be if the situation were not so dire): Q: "What did you say?" A: "What?" Q: "Say that again?" A: "What did you say?" ARGHHHHH!

Anyway, mom and I have not had the easiest of relationships; suffice it to say, I did yet another very hard thing by being with her over the holidays, which included sitting in the ER next to her bed for the entire day on Friday, because her husband went AWOL (don't get me started), before she was discharged with 57 medicines, all to be taken at different times of the day. Talk about needing your calculator. My biggest accomplishment, besides just being there, (which believe me, was huge), was telling every single person who came in contact with her that she is DEAF. Hearing aids should so be required.


Susan said...

I think you should totally do the 10k!!!!!

Simba's Mom said...

I think you should do the 10k, too. So what if you might have to walk a little? It will be fun if you have other people running it with you and I think you will regret not doing it more than doing it and having to walk a little. (at least I think I would). Plus, you might surprise yourself.

m said...

Do it. I can run 7+ miles and am in pre-training for a 1/2 marathon and I'm iffy on doing a 10K. If I could find a 10k race around here I would run it so I could put the fear behind me. I think you will regret not running it. Can't wait to see your time!

nancytoby said...

Walking is NOT NOT NOT failure! Walking is a means of pacing yourself correctly. :-)

Best wishes to Mom. I take it she doesn't read your blog. Heh. Mine does, so I have to watch it a bit.

jeanne said...

Hey Nancy: No my mother doesn't even know that there IS an internet! (And it's not because of senility either!)

Alright already, I'll do it!

a.maria said...

girl, as if you were ever NOT going to do it!!! cuz you know, mile 4 of the 10K you'll be thinking to yourself "duh i can do this. why did i think i couldn't do this? look at me. i'm doing it. obviously i can do it. i AM doing it"
and then you'll think to yourself. oh self. you're so silly.

and by then... 10K will be done!

see?! no problems!

jeanne said...

Except, miss a., there's like 200 mile miles after mile 4!!!

susie said...

I'm glad you made your decision because I was going to tell you: DO IT! But since I don't, congratulations on making the right decision. You will feel so accomplished when you finish:)