Friday, November 18, 2005


So apparently I missed the whole "don't run for six hundred days after a marathon" memo.

And, as you all know, I am in training for my first 10K (which I have yet to sign up for, but still.)

So, yesterday, I ran two miles —without my knee brace. (Get the title now? Naked.) Yes, tempting fate, but it was an accident. I was in a hurry, and after changing into full running regalia at work (no, no long silk underwear this time) in the wee hours, I walked to the trail that runs behind our building before I realized that I was braceless. But, I was too lazy walk the 20 steps back into the building to retreive it.

And, because I was slightly curious about what would happen if I ran without it. Because being scared all the time is just exhausting.

So what happened was:
Mile 1: 10:42 (slight downhill)
Mile 2: 10:54 (slight uphill)

I felt some slight twinges, but nothing bad. And, I didn't even push it and came in under 11 minutes! These are exciting times, my friends!! Under 11 minutes!! whooo-de-hooo!! Saturday is my "long run": 3.5 miles. And yes, I'm as nervous as a ... novice bell ringer making her debut on Sunday morning with the youth orchestra in front of a packed church. Yeah.

I have also jumped on the weight-loss bandwagon (all the
cool kids are doing it) with a simple trick I picked up at the monastery: dessert only on Sundays and holidays. After dinner, dessert is now 57 cups of decaf tea (Twinings, English Breakfast). Which I drink while taking my online Project Management class, which, I have to say, is literally? The single most horrifyingly boring class I have ever taken. But which every other person in my virtual class seems to love. I literally have to restrain myself from making snarky comments (well, from posting them , believe me, I'm making them alright), although I did post a question the other night asking if watching the 1,000 hours of videotaped lectures was really recommended, since the lecturer is reading verbatim from the powerpoint slides. Verbatim. And one of my classmates replied with: "I love the lectures." Alrighty then. (Work is paying for this class, and yes, I will learn something, so I am putting up with it. Besides, it takes my mind off the cookies I am not eating.)

But back to running. If I lose 10 pounds, I will become faster, and I won't be as likely to be injured. Or re-injured. This is my version of reality, so don't mess with it. My weight loss "program" is simple, mindless, and designed specifically to prevent an over-focus on food, eating, and all related subjects. So, this is probably the last time I'll post, or even talk, about it. Otherwise, the weight obsession kicks in.

In still other fascinating news, I have switched from the elliptical to the recumbent bike to work on those quads. And I'm still stretching.

No wonder I had to give up TV. Running is a freakin' full time job.


21st Century Mom said...

Training is a full time job! When I trained for my first marathon I became such an absentee Mom that I took my kids out for an expensive dinner when all was said and done.

Congrats on the new blazing speed!

Hey - did you see this . How annoying!

I still have to read your monestary post. Sort of reminds me of Mermaids Chair but I still dont recommend reading it.

a.maria said...

hey wild and crazy woman! way to jump on the band-wagon. its getting pretty jam-packed to the max up here, but it's well worth it! ;)

long run of 3.5 miles. im back to thinking that IS a long run, cuz its been so long. kudos on the sub-11 minute miles! well done you!
(and nekkid too....ooh, ahh...)

and uhhh, can we say HALLELUJAH to the week FINALLY being over? this was a long one....

Susan said...

Yep - full time job. If working, mothering and blogging wasn't enough.

susie said...

Woohoo, she's at it again. Good runs there woman. Hey I am so glad my job isn't like your online class. Really.