Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Quiet Down!

I so used to make fun of this woman*, and now I have to take it all back because she keeps sending me these amazingly timely and provocative posts! Stop it, damn you! Go back to e-mailing me shallow, simple, and superficial quotes.

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."
- Art Turock


Today I started my (OK, Hal Higdon's) 0-10K eight-week training program, for novices. I am starting all over again, and I'm going to learn how to run.

This morning was my first foray out onto the trail; gorgeous, chilly, leaves falling, sun shining!! I noticed as I walked up the stairs to the trail that my right leg hurt. And it continued to hurt, throughout the run, causing me to limp.

Mile 1: 11:33
Mile .5: 5.09
Mile 2: 11:32
Total: 28:15

When I got back, I stretched my head (legs) off. Then talked to one of the office's resident jocks, who asked some pointed questions like, how could I run a marathon a week ago, with no leg pain, and then today, I had pain? His diagnosis? "You obviously need a mediator between your head and your leg." He said all this while pointing to his head. And smiling. A kind, benevolent smile. In other words? I'm mental.

Who am I to disagree? My leg started hurting while I was still just thinking about running. And it's been fine all week. Until today. When I decided to run.

In other news ... I'm off to the Big Apple for a conference for two days. I am loaded down with a laptop, but alas, it's for an online class I am taking and am already behind in. So no fun in the city for this gal. And as soon as I get back, I'm off here for the weekend

Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY

for a three-day silent retreat (no snickering; I can too be quiet!). This is my reward for running 26.2 miles. It's in Lara's neck of the woods, (Lara, I'll be kaizen-ing my brain out!) but not exactly. Still, on the Hudson River! In fall! Those monks really know how to live. I plan a few hikes but no running.

So I'll be quiet for a few days, much to everyone's relief.

*Kristin Coach


a.maria said...

no way, you're voluntarily playing the silent game?! but WHY!!!! being loud is just so... so fun!

ah well, to each their own. have super fun in NY though!! busi. trips are the bomb (raise your hand if you've never been on one...oh that'd be me!!)

um... so i should, like, get some work done....n'stuff....

21st Century Mom said...

Meditating in a monastary? How, how, how..... lovely and silent.

Do spend some time meditating the fear out of your leg. Maybe you could convince it that if it continues to act up you will have to go back to the physical therapist from hell. That ought to straighten things out!

I hope you get to enjoy the Big Apple at least a little.


taskette said...

I've never been on a retreat. A Silent retreat would be like heaven to me.

Hope you relax & enjoy yourself & come back ready to RUN.

Noames said...

I'm going to join the chorus with: a monastary? for a silent retreat? for real? well.... have fun....

Seriously though, say hi to the Hudson for me--that's where I grew up.

Lara said...

I've yet to have to recover from a marathon, but it seems like you want to be gentle with yourself for awhile and that it's reasonable for some aches and pains to show themselves. Certainly stretching is good, and I hear tell that ice baths are helpful.

I hope you know that I would totally drive the 3.5 hours to see you in West Park but if you're gonna sit there and be all quiet while I'm there just never mind ;) However, if you get a shot of inner peace, feel free to share with all your loyal fans!

jeanne said...

Yeah, yeah. I talked to a woman from my church who went last week and she said all she could think of the entire weekend is "G-damn, I wish I'd brought a bottle of wine."

It should be ... peaceful. No work. No computer. If I want I can sleep for the entire weekend! But I don't want. I want to hike and take a short vacation from thinking (some would argue I do that daily...)

Thanks Lara for the offer to come see me!! I would not be my usual party animal self, I'm just guessing.

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Love the quote!
Perhaps getting your chakras in line will help the aches and pains.

Susan said...

I'm thinking about starting Hal's 1/2 marathon plan. We'll see. I need to get back into the swing of things.