Thursday, June 16, 2005

Speaking of dinner...

How sad is it that I am actually PAYING my daughter $30/week to make my dinner four nights per week? Actually, it's a win-win: she learns how to cook, I don't end up eating cookies for dinner.

I have had angel hair pasta with pesto; lovely salads; smoothies (that word again!); quesadillas with salad and pesto pasta. Heavenly. (Well, it IS angel hair...)

And after last Saturday's near-catastrophic run, I have been a very good girl, eaten lots of protein, sometimes even eaten lunch, and have downed tankards of water all day long, with the expected results. Also have managed a solid eight hours of sleep every night, Gilmore Girls and West Wing be damned.

Now I just have to finish grading oh 8,000 papers, and I am done with school next Wednesday night. Which leaves me more time

I am already freaked out about Saturday's 10 miles and having no one to run with to distract me. Maybe that's good training. Maybe I should not rely on being distracted, for the same reason I don't listen to music while I run--cuz without it I'm a goner.

Goin' to bed.


j said...

hmmm...wonder if i can steal her away...i'll pay $40 if she cooks for me!!!

jeanne said...

don't dare try. it's been one week, and i am delirious. dinner waiting for me when i get home. a small glimpse into having a wife.