Monday, June 06, 2005

Running Away

I knew first thing this morning that I was too tired to go to work, let alone run. But I had my spiffy new shoes and socks! so I was determined to try 'em out.

So I ran four miles this morning, in about 150 degree heat...

It IS funny how you don't totally hate it while you're doing's after. Yikes, my right leg hurt, for no good reason, either.

It did not energize me. I am STILL waiting for the runner's high. I've felt the runner's low enough, thank you. In fact, I think this morning's run sapped every ounce of mental acuity I had left. Ok, so that's not saying much, but still.

Today was just crappy all around. Guest speaker for my class tonight bailed at the last minute. I am SO SICK of grading papers I could scream.

Moral: I cannot run on no sleep.

Moral #2: Sleep more. Much much more.

And #3? Never teach summer class again.

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