Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Four Miles High...

Ok, the famous Byrds' song was that much times two (for our younger readers—that would be anyone under 40—please look up this reference). However, and nevertheless, I actually RAN my first full-blown no walk-break run yesterday morning for four full-fledged miles...and didn't feel bad afterward! I know I am just tempting fate by continually saying how not bad I felt...just wait til Saturday, fate will laugh in my face.

But this was another milestone. Because even though I am following a "runner-approved" (=Galloway) training program, it includes walk breaks. It's actually run 3, walk 1 minute, so I always have this nagging sense of guilt when I say I "ran" ten miles—on the other hand, what am I going to say, "I ran 10 miles only I did it in three minute intervals with one minute walk breaks in between?" I think not. I ran the damn mileage, thanks very much. The rest is semantics.

Except yesterday morning: I actually DID run my first four with no walk breaks. Very exciting, but I don't plan to make a habit out of it. Too wild, zany, and danger-prone.


Stephanie said...

Hi Jeanne. I love your blog. I'm doing a marathon (my first) in September and am blogging it. We are on a similar time schedule, so I linked to you, hope it's ok.

jeanne said...

Hey thanks! Oh yes, feel free to link to it. It's so nice to know someone is reading this! Would love to swap stories/fears/injuries etc.!