Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Once Is a Fluke. Twice...?

...obviously means I'm a runner. I think.

The twice I'm referring to is today I AGAIN ran four miles with no walk breaks—and after specifically promising in my previous post not to tempt fate by so doing.

But I did. And it was ok. Again.

But how can this be? I am so not a runner. I even shaved two minutes off of Monday's run. This is just bad bad bad. It's probably due to the weather, which has been gloriously fall-like. No humidity. Not what the Big Guy/Gal has planned for Saturday, I hear. A mighty D.C. summer day awaits.

But bad as it may be, it's also slightly thrilling. I'm feeling like an athlete—this from the girl who managed to get through four years of mandatory high school phys ed classes without ever showing up (it's a skill, kids). Of course I am still terrified by the thought of Saturday's upcoming 12 miles (am I starting to repeat myself? guess you'll have to get used to it), and convinced I will bomb.

In other news, I am so excited about all the comments other runners are leaving me! I can't tell you what a high that is. Like Stephanie from Kansas City, who is blogging her first marathon, and left me warm (ha ha) wishes. Right back atcha, Steph!

If only we could run the marathon via blog...

So, once more, I promise no more running without walk breaks. I've read enough horror stories about cocky first-time marathoners who are feeling just great, thanks! Right up until they crash and burn. And the common culprit? The hubris (which I am already showing) that says "Oh, I can go fast, cuz I'm feeling so darn good."

So I vow to stop the insanity, now, before it really takes hold.

And memorize some positive self-talk by Saturday morning.


Stephanie said...

Now that I don't have a running partner, it will be good to follow your progress. I'll think about you for sure on Saturday! You can do it! Yay for running 4 without stopping. (twice.)

21st Century Mom said...

Slow and steady really does win the race - it's true! Congrats on your progress.

Noames said...

What is this crash and burning of which you speak? Lies, I say, and slander.

Way to go on the four miles without stopping! And, if you're running a marathon, I have to tell you, technically? you're a runner. Sorry.

Also, you're allowed to run the short runs and run/walk the long runs. If you want. But actually, you know better than to listen to me. :)

jeanne said...

Thank you 26 miles versus, my running/writing idol!, for straightening me out. I am a runner? Arghhhh, now that's scary.
And just for the record, i was absolutely NOT talking about a certain recent marathon you may, or may not have, participated in. I was awe-inspired by your training, and by your recounting of said event/non-event. For real.
I am in fact going thru 26 mile versus withdrawal.
So I'm all for November. For personal, selfish reasons.

Ryan said...

Holy crap! What's going on? What is this "health" business? Insanity!

jeanne said...

Indeed, it is. Couldn't agree more.

Susan said...

I had the same issue: "I'm not really a runner." I got over will, too. Congratulations so far. If I weren't moving, I'd come up and run with you! Ah well...continued success.