Friday, June 24, 2005

Big, Hot, Humid Tomorrow

I can't possibly run 12 miles. No, I can't do it, plus, I don't feel like it. I'm going to DIE tomorrow, running through the water-clogged air of a sunny d.c. summer day.

Of course I can! Just follow the directions on the box!

Oh, and for the FIRST time since I started training, I missed a day of xtraining. Just one day, yesterday, Thursday. But still. If I miss a day, I may as well call it a day. If I miss a day, all my fitness gains just fly right out the window, right?

So, those have pretty much been my thoughts this week. Tonight, I went out and bought 27 different kinds of gel and gu, and gatorade-like stuff in a little pouch, and some roll-on glide stuff to make you friction-less. New, with SPF!! With the promise to "not run off your face as you run through the mugginess of a smoldering d.c. day." Something like that. Plus, I bought a sleeveless cool-max top. (On sale, of course.)

Number one daughter came with me, and she kept telling the salespeople "She's running a marathon..." while I shuddered because, as everyone knows, saying it aloud is a guaranteed jinx, Plus, I soooo don't LOOK like a runner, I know exactly what those salespeople were thinking. Because I'm a mind-reader.

What is wrong with me?

(Rhetorical question; don't answer.)

And if I'm this rattled over 12 miles, what am i going to be like when tomorrow means 26.2??

(Don't answer that either.)

Oh woe, woe, woe is me.

Nite. I have to go read some more first-timer stories, and scare myself some more.


ok, I'm back, and p.s., just read this on Through the Wall:

"The fear of suffering is often worse than the suffering itself."
~ Paolo Coelho, The Alchemist

Thank you Wil, from the MidWest!!! And Paolo, too.


Stephanie said...

Hurry back and post about your run! I was thinking of you.

Noames said...

Hee! I wish I could tell you that the Paralyzing Friday Fear goes away, but not so much. The good news is that once you start running, it does disappear. Or at least it often did for me.

Hope it went fantastically!

jeanne said...

You guys are great. Well noames, I didn't know there was actually a name for it, but yes, I seem to be afflicted with PFF. Is there an antidote? And what the hell am I afflicted with every saturday afternoon? Runner's Letdown? Morning After? What? What is it??

It did go well. At least I think so. I mean it's not like I was running in the single digits or anything. Does that count? Am I still a runner??

I felt GOOD, and still do. And Steph from Kansas: I so wish you had a group to run with!! I'll go mess around on your site now!