Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lunge Butt

I've been reading (shocker) 10,000 blogs and Web sites about marathons. One of them suggested making sure you do lunges to strenghen your thighs. So, yesterday, which was my walk/xtrain day, I walked 30 minutes, and did the 10 lunges (of death).

Today, I ran 4 miles, accidentally erasing my split times (marathon training, as one of my running buddies so trenchantly said, is a misnomer: it's actually watch training, as in how to CORRECTLY use the various features on my IRONMAN watch). Anyway, I thought I was doing a decent pace, a little lunge butt twitch here and there, but nothing bad, until I stopped, stretched, and hobbled into work, where I am now sitting on a hot towel.

Warning: Lunge Butt is nothing to laugh at.

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