Thursday, June 09, 2005

Running on Empty

I wonder how many more running metaphors I can come up with before i DO come up empty? and yes, apologies to jackson browne...

Yesterday (Wednesday, for those of you keeping track) I ran a measly 3+ miles (self-help book to Jeanne: NO BAD SELF-TALK!!) I meant to say, I KILLED 3+ miles out behind work, on the beautiful crescent trail. IT is getting hot. Funny, that.

Blisters have remarkably gone away, but the real nine mile course awaits us on saturday. I'm psyched, scared, all the usual. Well, the thing I'm REALLY scared about is going swing dancing saturday night. I'm hoping I'll be in shape to dance my little head off.

So today I did the icky icky elliptical machine which is mainly icky because it is indoors, and i FINALLY managed, in 30 minutes to go farther than my usual pitiful (Self-help book is watching!) 2.14 miles, all the way to my own PR of 2.26. The moment was not savored as I had to go to a crew board meeting, and that's quite enough said about that subject--that's a whole 'nother blog.

So it's thursday night, I should be drinking water and sleeping according to my training guide, but I just knew, dear diary, you'd be needing an entry about now.

Next: The 9-Mile Dash. Stay tuned.

(p.s. I hear you have to register to post comments. Sucks, but that would give me a clue that someone was reading this. Not that I care. I talk to myself continuously already, so it's not like i'm not used to it!!)

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