Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spin Me

So this morning at 6:30 was spinning. With the very well put together Peter.

Remember my love affair with spin instructor Jeff? No?? Well Jeff made me laugh my head off. It was like spinning with, oh, I don't know, George Carlin. So that alone made me fall in love. But he stopped teaching, to focus on his triathlon career. Selfish bas****!!!

Then came T, a chick who was a no-show one morning at 6:30. Which is so against all the rules it's not even funny. And then the next week she showed up 20 minutes late. Mysteriously, she doesn't work there any more.

Next up was Peter. I was still jonesing for Jeff, but Peter would have to do, despite the fact that there was a RING ON HIS LEFT hand.

Peter doesn't make me laugh. But he plays the best music. Plus, he's a yoga instructor, so he's all about peace and he's all about stretching the spine, keeping the torso long, yada yada. He keeps the lights off while puts us through 45 minutes of pure, sheer hell. But his soft voice makes it like yoga spinning. Or Spinga. Yoging?

This morning he played TWO Rolling Stones song, plus a Talking Heads! I mean really. Where do you find a man like that?!!! I told him I only come for the music, which made him laugh. Afterwards, he actually talked to me. He said "It seems like we have the same taste in music." And like the suave and sophisticated woman you have come to know and love, I stammered, "Um, yeah, we must be the same age." (Which dear God, I hope is true, otherwise I just insulted him.)


That man has taste.


peter said...

Yay Stones. Thanks for posting that song, I didn't realize they did anything after Exiles On Main Street. What are the talking heads?

David said...

Rock me. Rock me hard.